If hallucinogenic drugs are bad for people why did God make them?

Today’s Feedback comes from Brenda L. from British Columbia, Canada who is wondering how to communicate to a non-believer why God would have created plants with hallucinogenic effects. In essence it is a sub-set of the over-arching question of ‘If God is a good God, why are there bad things in the world’. Fellow Canadian Calvin Smith responds …

I’m sure the marijuana plant didn’t exist in the Garden but came into existence after the flood. How do I explain to a non-Christian that God didn’t intend it for its present use? or the opium from the poppy flower?

Hi Brenda, thanks for your email.

I have no problem believing that Cannabis sativa was in the Garden of Eden. Both hemp varieties and marijuana varieties are of the same genus and species, Cannabis sativa. The hemp plant is commonly cultivated for industrial uses like ointments, oils, fibre for clothing and rope, paper, construction etc. It is a very useful plant.

The terms hemp and cannabis are often used interchangeably, but have separate connotations depending on how they are used. All Cannabis sativa plants contain resinous glands called trichomes that contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the substance that gives it its psychoactive properties (it’s what gets people ‘high’).
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