If you are a creationist, you can’t help yourself, because evolution made you that way. It might have also made you moral and religious, especially if you are a woman. These and other evolutionary stories are making the rounds.

Evo-creationism: NewScientist says humans may be primed to believe in creation. Studies show that humans tend to see purpose in things. That can only mean they evolved that tendency, said some psychologists at Boston University. A good education, they say, can help cure them of this and show them that the world is really without purpose or design.

Evo-religion: Robert Roy Britt speculated at LiveScience why more women tend to be religious than men. Maybe evolution made males more apt to look for short-term thrills than long-term satisfaction
(like heaven). Britt did not overtly use evolution to explain this tendency, but quoted Rodney Stark, of all people, who appealed to biochemistry: “Studies of biochemistry imply that both male irreligiousness and male lawlessness are rooted in the fact that far more males than females have an underdeveloped ability to inhibit their impulses, especially those involving immediate gratification and thrills.” Britt remarked, “Stark may have purposely overstated the case, but you get the point.” The point seems to be that religiousness is a function of biochemistry, which is a function of biology….

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