City Hall, Brisbane, Australia

Make sure it’s solid


by Tas Walker

City Hall would have to be one of the most historic buildings in my home city of Brisbane, Australia. Constructed of tan sandstone and opened in 1930, the entrance features a colonnade of Greek design, elaborate bronze doors and carvings of lions’ heads.

High in the clock tower, modelled after the St Mark’s Campanile in Venice, Italy, tourists have a great view of the city. The large circular auditorium, reminiscent of the Pantheon in Rome with an expansive copper dome, can seat up to 2,500 people.

Unfortunately, the foundation of this iconic building is failing. It was built on swampy ground and has serious problems including rising damp, concrete cancer, lack of reinforcing, and subsidence. In January 2010, the City Hall was closed for three years for critical restoration work. The price tag is $215 million. The alternative was for it to be bulldozed.

Tourists did not visit the City Hall to view its foundations. Rather, they admired the architecture and carvings, and visited the clock tower. They took it for granted that the foundations were solid. But now that the problem has emerged, special attention is fixed on the foundation.

The importance of good foundations is why Creation magazine focuses on the scientific evidence for biblical creation. Creation is foundational to our lives, but there are serious problems with the foundation of society today. The rising damp of scientific naturalism is eroding it, the cancer of goo-to-you evolution is making it crumble, and academic institutions ignoring the true history of Genesis are deepening the swamp. Urgent attention must be focused on the creation foundation….

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