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The Case of the Lesbian Den Mother: Moral Reasoning Exposed

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By now, most Americans have probably heard of the lesbian mother forced out as a den mother for the Tiger Scouts, a program for first-graders offered by the Boy Scouts of America. For a few days, the story filtered through the Internet until it broke as an Associated Press article last week.

That article by reporter John Seewer reveals that Jennifer Tyrrell had been serving as a leader in Ohio Pack 109 of the Tiger Scouts. Tyrrell was forced to leave that post when officials of the Boy Scouts learned that she was a lesbian. The Boy Scouts of America have had a clearly stated policy against homosexuals serving as adult leaders, though that policy has usually been applied to men.

As a private organization, the Boy Scouts has the legal right to exclude both gays and lesbians from membership and leadership. That right was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2000, but that has not ended the controversy. Since that decision, the Boy Scouts have paid dearly for the policy, as some cities and other governments and institutions have severed support and relationships with the BSA and its local programs.

Now, the controversy is focused on Tyrrell, whose reinstatement is now demanded by gay rights organizations and some of the parents of the boys involved in the Bridgeport, Ohio troop. At least some of those parents knew that Tyrrell was a lesbian, while others did not. In any event, she has become the center of a national debate….

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  • Buck

    This is not about the word homosexuality or lesbian , this is about the activity of ” SODOMY ” . Sodomy is filthy , gross , disgusting , disease ridden sexual activity that is perverted and abnormal, and they are gaining ground because of too many cowards in the ” MORAL ‘ community that are afraid to stand up for principles of right and wrong . The ” PC ” crowd have completely warped the meaning and truth of ” tolerance ” to whip the morally principled with this warped interpratetion of tolerance .

  • Alex

    Well spoken and altogether correct. Those of us who are the born again by the Spirit of Christ are NOT under the dominion of sin and recognize the truth.

  • http://www.believerofthewaycom believeroftheway

    This woman knew the code by which the Boy Scouts operate. She made a conscious decision to knowingly break the code. Since the Boy Scout code is built on integrity, she perverting the entire Scout code by her actions and set an example that told the children under her that rules, laws and codes are not worth upholding! In effect teaching these children to break the law. How could anyone support her actions when these facts are thought through?

  • forrest noble

    I see no problem with this woman other than breaking what I would consider a minor rule violation. This was a program for first grade boys. She is a mother of a boy of that same age but an admitted lesbian.

    If this would have been the Blue Birds, Girl Scouts, or another girls organization then sexual motivation might clearly be there. For homosexuals teaching or leading children of their same sex, I think should be totally forbidden, which it is.

    In this case it seems her volunteering was probably totally innocent and I would expect she did not discuss her sexuality with the children any different from any other adult would.

    I agree that she should not be reinstated but should not be otherwise poorly judged because of her volunteer work.

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