TODAY: A revealing (and troubling) portrait of America in the 2012 election data, Obama’s “rainbow coalition,” the conservative gender gap, same-sex marriage, assisted suicide, and the U.S. election viewed from China. I discuss all these and more in today’s edition of The Briefing: A Daily Analysis of News and Events from a Christian Worldview.

The 2012 election may well have changed history, but it also revealed a portrait of America in the present and the future. As Susan Page of USA Today reports, the election revealed a deeply divided nation, “not only along lines of political party and ideology, but also by race and ethnicity, gender and marital status, region and religion, education and age.”

Much of this divide was evident even Tuesday night as the election results were reported. Men voted for Romney by a double digit margin, while women (especially unmarried women), gave Obama an equal margin. Older Americans favored Romney, while younger Americans (especially young adults), voted overwhelmingly for Obama.


“On Obama’s side this time: More than nine of 10 African Americans and nearly seven in 10 Hispanics. A solid majority of women and two-thirds of unmarried women. About six in 10 of voters under 30. More than 90% of Democrats and nearly 90% of liberals. More than six in 10 of those who never attend religious services.”….

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