TODAY: Hurricane Sandy, a deadly shark attack, and controversy over a U.S. Senate candidate’s comments on rape and abortion. I discuss all these in today’s edition of The Briefing: A Daily Analysis of News and Events from a Christian Worldview.

Churning off the nation’s Atlantic coast, Hurricane Sandy threatens to be another “prefect storm,” with forecasters warning that the massive storm could hit the U.S. East Coast early next week. In the official words of the Hydrometeorological Prediction Center (yes, there is such an organization), “chances are increasing for a major storm impacting the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast.” Hurricane Sandy caused significant damage as it hit the island of Cuba and then crossed the Bahamas. An unusual combination of factors indicates a significant risk that the storm could constitute a deadly threat to the Atlantic coast, bringing memories of 1991’s infamous “perfect storm.”

As I explain, these storms reveal the severe limitations of our human power in a fallen world. New technologies allow us to follow and even predict the course of these storms, but we have no power over them. Sandy is the 18th named storm of the 2012 hurricane season, and a 19th (Tropical Storm Tony) has already appeared. These storms make us yearn for the New Creation promised in Christ….

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