How important is the doctrine of creation to the Christian faith? May a believer accept theistic or organic evolution? Is the Genesis account of creation literal history and fact, or is it figurative myth and legend? May we believe the days of creation were long ages, or must we accept them as literal days? How does creation relate to the wisdom, power, Deity, and eternal nature of God? How fundamental is creation as evidence for the existence of the one true God and for the Bible as God’s word?


Genesis 1:1 – In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. The Bible clearly and repeatedly claims that God made the heavens and the earth and everything in nature.

Some doubt the significance of this doctrine to the faith of a Christian.

Some teach that the days of creation may be long ages of thousands or millions of years, or that such long ages may have occurred between the days of Genesis 1. In attempting to defend such folks, other people have said that we should tolerate such beliefs, because creation is not a fundamental doctrine anyway. Some see significance in Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection and our baptism and imitation of Him. They say the creation account is not so essential, so it should not be viewed as fundamental to our faith.

The purpose of this study is to consider the significance and importance of the doctrine of Creation to Christianity.

Is it really essential to believe it? Why or why not?

We will see that understanding and accepting creation is fundamental to our faith that God exists and the Bible is His will.

These issues must be resolved before we even consider the significance of Jesus’ death. If we do not believe in God and the Bible, why would we even consider believing in Jesus’ sacrifice?

New Testament teachers sometimes dealt with idol worshippers, who did not believe in the true God. Before they ever discussed Jesus’ death, they began by giving evidence that such folks should believe in God (Acts 14 & 17). This evidence included the doctrine of creation. Creation is definitely fundamental to a Christians’ faith.

Any belief that undermines, belittles, or weakens the Bible doctrine of creation thereby undermines, belittles, or weakens faith in the existence and nature of God and the Bible as God’s word.

This is true, not just of evolution, but of any view that weakens the doctrine of creation.

Consider the Bible evidence for the importance of the doctrine of creation to our faith in God and His word….

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