Firewalking giant or fortuitous weathering?1

The Bible talks in a number of places about ‘giants’ in the land of Canaan, and the pre-Flood Nephilim (please see Return of the Nephilim?). We have recently received reports of a ‘giant footprint’ about 1.2 m (4 ft) long in granite near Mpuluzi, near the Swaziland border in the Mpumalanga province in north-eastern South Africa. In a recent video posted on Youtube,2 one Michael Tellinger, styled as a ‘scientist’, researcher, author,3 depicted this footprint as evidence of ancient giants that walked the land. While we may not give much credence to Tellinger’s far-fetched conjectures on the history of these giants, does this print still provide positive evidence for ‘ancient giants’?

Weathering the ‘footprint’ hype

Perhaps the most important fact about this ‘footprint’ is that it is stated to be in granite. Every geologist (or even field geological observer)—creationist or evolutionist—agrees that granite is not a sedimentary rock, such as the ‘mud’ Tellinger refers to as having been ‘pushed up’. Granite is an igneous rock, which becomes solid as crystals form when a previously very hot molten magma (around 800°C) cools down. It is difficult to imagine any sort of footprint, or fossil for that matter, surviving such a process. It is even more difficult to contemplate what would happen to the ‘giant’ who was going for a stroll barefoot in this igneous material that being soft, was still blazing hot! Remember too that granite does not form on the surface of the earth but deep underground in large plutons. So one can really rule out this giant-footprint idea without going much further. But since this is already doing the ‘internet rounds’, and someone is bound to ask how this shape could form if it were not a print, we can look at some of the other features that enable an ‘offsite’ dismissal of the claim with an even greater overall degree of confidence….


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