Once again we see statements from scientists who take good science, insert it into their religion of evolution and produce a tale of supposition that they pass off as fact.

A team of researchers from the University of Toronto Mississauga and Cape Breton University in Nova Scotia teamed up to study a fossil of an animal belonging to a group of animals known as varanopids.  According to evolutionists, varanopids were a group of animals frequently referred to as ‘mammal-like reptiles.’

The particular varanopid fossil studied was found in the Pristerognathus Assemblage Zone of the Beaufort Group in South Africa.  This rock group is classified as Permian rock and the fossil dated to over 260 million years ago.  They also believe that varanopids went extinct nearly 200 million years ago.

This particular fossil is described as having a mouth full of flattened but sharp teeth that had serrated edges and curved backwards.  They had a head and body very similar to modern reptiles known as goannas or monitor lizards.  However, due to the internal structure of the skull and ears, it is believed to be of a different group of reptiles that are in the process of transitioning to becoming mammals which might possibly make them an ancestor to humans.

However, because of their belief in millions of years of evolution, the team was puzzled as to how this varanopid and others like it, could have survived one of the major extinctions in evolutionary history that wiped out so much of terrestrial life.

The reason they were puzzled about how the varanopid survived a major extinction period is because they confused their facts with their beliefs and ended up with wrong suppositions that don’t make sense.  Creationists do that to, but we don’t try to sell our suppositions off as esteemed and believable facts.

As a creationist, I and others, openly admit that we make our suppositions from the facts based upon our beliefs in the authoritative and infallible Word of God.  And based upon our creationist beliefs, we would say that the varanopid lived in a specific life zone at the time of the Genesis Flood.  As the Flood rose, it covered different life zones along with the plants and animals in them at different times.  The earlier evidences of extinctions the evolutionists refer to are believed by creationists to be some of the earlier life zones covered just prior to this one.

As to why they went extinct during the time of the Flood could be due to them being a variation of the original created kind and only a few of each kind were preserved on the Ark while other variations within the kind were not.  It’s quite possible that the goannas and monitor lizards we see today are the descendants of the kind representatives that were saved on the Ark.  It would explain why they appear so similar with only slight differences from those that are known today only as fossils.

Please keep in mind that I will not try to sell my supposition of this fossil as being factual science, unlike the evolutionists, and those are the two true differences between them and us.  First, our beliefs are completely opposite and incompatible and second, they want you to believe their religion as fact and we admit that ours is a religious belief.


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