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  • God has a wonderful plan for your life.

    For more like this, visit Reasons for Hope

  • God Made Them Male and Female

    For more like this visit Reasons for Hope

  • It Wasn’t the Nails

    This short, powerful and moving video will remind you of what the Lord Jesus Christ did for you on the cross. Watch this Two Minute Teaching and remember the grace you have been given and commit to living your life … Continue reading

  • God lacks nothing so why create anything?

    A Two Minute Teachings from the Avalos/Valdes Debate on 2/16/2014. If you missed the debate, watch it here.  For more information and in-depth answers to questions from the debate, click here. To watch more Two Minute Teachings click HERE For more great videos … Continue reading

  • How Pornography Works: It Hijacks the Male Brain

    Dr. R. Albert Mohler Jr. We are fast becoming a pornographic society. Over the course of the last decade, explicitly sexual images have crept into advertising, marketing, and virtually every niche of American life. This ambient pornography is now almost … Continue reading

  • Hummingbirds: God’s Perfect Flying Machines

    I love watching birds.  I love to watch them feed at our birdfeeders in the back yard and I love to sit and watch birds fly.  Where I live, we have lots of cardinals, tufted titmouse, Carolina chickadee, song sparrows, … Continue reading

  • Australia: The Time Traveller’s Guide—ABC Mythology

    The Australian Broadcasting Commission, a government funded institution in Australia, is promoting the first of a series of videos entitled: Australia: The Time Traveller’s Guide. Episode 1 is called The Early Days. The video shows presenter Richard Smith driving a vehicle across … Continue reading

  • A Riff on Genesis Hits a Few Sour Notes

    A review of Rob Bell’s Everything is Spiritual Rob Bell has received acclaim for his Nooma videos, criticism for a weak soteriology in his book Love Wins, and is perhaps one of the most controversial figures in Christian circles today. His DVD Everything … Continue reading

  • Is the Bible an Immoral Book?

    There has been a wave of atheist YouTube videos attacking the morality of the Bible, arguing that not only is it not original in its good moral teachings, but that it also advocates some moral atrocities such as murder and … Continue reading

  • 2011 Super Conference Report

    Lots of welcome gratitude for CMI–Canada’s first ever Super Conference If the reaction to CMI’s 2011 Super Conference from August 14–19 were to be summarized in a single word it would be, gratefulness. People expressed that they were simply grateful … Continue reading

  • Study Demonstrates Babies Reason Logically Before They Can Even Speak

    Among living creatures, only humans can think about thinking. Researchers recently performed a new set of cognitive tests on one-year-olds to discover how soon humans develop the ability to reason. Their findings surprised them. The investigators showed the babies short videos … Continue reading

  • More Proof That Dinosaurs Lived with ‘Later’ Creatures

    According to evolution, dinosaurs lived during an age when birds and non-reptile land creatures were either present in just a few “primitive” forms or not at all. But a recent National Geographic online interview offered a summary of fossil discoveries made in a dinosaur-bearing … Continue reading

  • Mars as Anomalous Runt

    The Mars rover Spirit is now dead in its tracks (JPL) but the planet under it continues to rumble, in theoretical overhauls and anomalies.  Mars has been much on the mind of news reporters this week after a new paper … Continue reading

  • Why Not? And Why?

    The Power of Asking the Right Questions. After having devoured lots of information from Creation Ministries International in various forms—public talks, books and magazines—I have experienced a lot of ‘aha’ moments. Like: ‘Now I see it!’. ‘That’s amazing!’. That is … Continue reading

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