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  • New Dino Supposedly Earliest to Exist

    About twenty years ago, the dinosaurs evolved about 220 million years ago.  A few years later that date was moved back to about 225 million years ago based upon a new discovery.  A few years after that and another new … Continue reading

  • The Gecko Declares God’s Glory

    by Eric Lyons, M.Min. You may think that geckos are merely cute, little lizards that occasionally appear in car insurance but the truth is, these remarkable reptiles are loaded with design. In a way, they are like miniature superheroes that … Continue reading

  • Croc-nosed Dinosaur Bone Surprises Researchers

    Spinosaur fossil shows that dinosaurs got around, but how? A spinosaur fossil found in the southeastern state of Victoria in Australia suggests dinosaurs were much more mobile than previously thought.1 The single fossil vertebra, unearthed in the 1990s, is identical to … Continue reading

  • Smallest Dinosaur or Problematic Bird?

    Dave Brockhurst of Sussex, England has to have what some would call a dream job.  Known for being a local fossil collector, Brockhurst works at the Ashdown Brickworks near Bexhill in Sussex.  The rocks at the Ashdown Brickworks have been … Continue reading

  • The Amazingly Designed Human Body – Part 9

    The Respiratory System Take a deep breath and dive into the swimming pool.  Now try to swim underwater to the other end of the pool and back without taking a second breath of air.  If you make it to the … Continue reading

  • The Amazingly Designed Human Body – Part 8

    The Peripheral Nervous System In the past two installments in the series on The Amazingly Designed Human Body we started looking at the nervous system.  We learned that it is divided into two major divisions, the central and peripheral nervous … Continue reading

  • The Amazingly Designed Human Body – Part 7

    The Spinal Cord In Part 6 (The Amazingly Designed Human Body – Part 6), we started our discussion on the nervous system.  Starting with the central nervous system first we focused our attention on the brain.  Today we will take … Continue reading

  • ’80 Million-Year-Old’ Mosasaur Fossil Has Soft Retina and Blood Residue

    Mosasaur fossils have been recovered from Late Cretaceous rocks all over the world. Most are just a fossilized tooth or perhaps a loose rib or vertebra. Occasionally, several bones are discovered still together. Conventional wisdom holds that creatures from this … Continue reading

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