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  • Hidden Hittites

    Almost fifty times in the Old Testament, we can read about a people known as the Hittites. They were major players in Jewish history, and were listed as one of the nations that the children of Israel needed to conquer … Continue reading

  • Make Believe Knowledge

    Everybody ‘believes’. It is as innately human to believe certain things as to know certain things, and very often the distinction between the two is blurred. Even those who would tell us that the only things we can know truly … Continue reading

  • Genesis Flood Insights More Relevant Today than Ever

    Scientific observations made in the seminal book The Genesis Flood are even more scientifically valid today than when they were first written. Although subsequent research has shown a few to be inaccurate, most of the perspectives that were laid out by John … Continue reading

  • Trace Metals Study Confirms Fossil Has Original Feathers

    In 1993, a fossil of a long-tailed bird was found in China that still contained feathers and bones. The fossilized Confuciusornis sanctus is supposedly 120 million years old, but observation has shown that original organic materials such as bones and feathers break … Continue reading

  • Jesus Used Logic

    Jesus was undoubtedly the Master Logician. He demonstrated unsurpassed logical prowess on every occasion. One such incident occurred when He was preaching to a group that had gathered in a house. So many people were crammed into the house that … Continue reading

  • Migrating Cave Women? Oh My!

    Once again the media has jumped on the evolutionary bandwagon of hype and speculation of man’s supposed origins and ancient history. In the latest report, a group of scientists have been studying the remains of hominid specimens found in caves … Continue reading

  • Did Jesus Dodge His Enemies’ Challenge Regarding His Deity?

    During the Feast of Dedication in Jerusalem, the Jews surrounded Jesus and challenged Him to come right out and state whether He is the Messiah/Christ (John 10). Of course, both His previous verbal affirmations as well as His demonstrations of … Continue reading

  • Do the Spiritual Truths of the Gospel Negate its Reliance on History?

    Reconciliation and Reality We received a good number of positive comments on Ann Lamont’s article Genesis: the roots of the Gospel. But a negative one came from John P, who said: This article includes too many issues irrelevant to sharing the … Continue reading

  • James Ossuary Withstands Accusations

    The James ossuary is a 2,000 year old box claimed to be the ossuary (“bone box”) of James, the brother of Jesus. On the side of the box is inscribed in Aramaic: “James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus”. If … Continue reading

  • How Can Evolution Explain Opposite Genetic Effects?

    by Brian Thomas, M.S. To produce offspring, males and females contribute specialized reproductive cells called gametes–sperm cells from males and eggs from females. Most genes used to manufacture gametes differ from organism to organism. Scientists were surprised, therefore, by a … Continue reading

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