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  • Secrets from the Most Distant Galaxy

    by Brian Thomas, M.S. An international team recently announced discovery of a new record for the most distant galaxy and claimed they were viewing this galaxy at “an epoch only 700 million years after the Big Bang.”1 However, the leap from … Continue reading

  • Moon formation theories way off orbit

    by Tas Walker Astronomer Dr Ronald G. Samec reports in the latest Journal of Creation 27(2) that a recent study of moon rocks calls into question the present lunar formation theory.1,2 “This may bring us back full circle to one of the earliest theories—that … Continue reading

  • Don’t Assume Too Much: Not All Assumptions in Science Are Bad

    by Jeff Miller, Ph.D. It might be tempting to get the wrong impression and think that making assumptions in science is a bad practice, especially upon reading various writings from the creationist community. Creation scientists, for instance, correctly relate many … Continue reading

  • More Space Travel Problems: G-Forces

    In a previous article, we showed that interstellar travel had intractable energy problems, simply in achieving the needed high speeds, and the huge impact energies at these speeds.1 And as will be shown, there are other problems, involving what are popularly called … Continue reading

  • Has Einstein’s Limit on the Speed of Light Been Broken?

    A consortium of 174 scientists at the CERN and LNGS laboratories announced on September 23, 2011, that they had observed neutrinos traveling 0.0024 percent faster than the speed of light.1 If true, this could unravel Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity, or … Continue reading

  • Atheism, Plants, and Gas Giants

    CMI gets questions and comments on all sorts of issues. This week we showcase some of that variety, with questions on topics from atheism to astronomy. James G. from the United States writes: A worldwide flood would have destroyed plant … Continue reading

  • Complex Arthropod Eyes Found in Early Cambrian

    Complex eyes with modern optics from an unknown arthropod, more complex than trilobite eyes, have been discovered in early Cambrian strata from southern Australia.  The exquisitely-preserved imprints of the eyes in shale were reported by Lee et al. inNature.1  The … Continue reading

  • Big Bang Relies on Unnatural Causes

    Unnatural Causes The most fundamental axiom of science is Causality: the belief that every material effect observed must have a sufficient cause preceding or simultaneous with it (Miller, 2011). The observed motion of a cart is difficult to explain, for example, … Continue reading

  • Genetics and Geographical Distribution

    Not all the feedback we receive from atheists is necessarily hostile. Matthew B. writes in with a couple of scientific questions. His messages are printed in full, followed by responses from CMI-US’s Dr. Robert Carter. Dear, I am impressed and … Continue reading

  • Colorado Plateau sandstones derived from the Appalachians?

    by Michael J. Oard Provenance studies have become rather popular lately.1 In these studies, the types of grains or rocks within a formation are analyzed, and the original outcrop location “upcurrent” is determined. This in turn can provide the minimum … Continue reading

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