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  • Don’t Grand Canyon Rocks Showcase Deep Time?

    by Brian Thomas, M.S. Most Christians probably perceive the immense rock layers displayed in Arizona’s Grand Canyon as icons of “deep time,” marking the passing of millions of years. For example, respected Christian apologist William Craig wrote in 1974 that … Continue reading

  • Dinosaurs Swimming out of Necessity

    by Timothy L. Clarey, Ph.D. What’s so fascinating about dinosaur tracks? Maybe it’s because their many mysteries beg for solutions. For instance, because tracks in mud are so short-lived today, how did dinosaur tracks ever preserve in the first place? … Continue reading

  • Stampeding Dinosaur Tracks Made in Water

    What were these dinosaurs running from? Science Daily reported that dinosaur trackways in Australia, formerly presumed to have been made by a stampeding herd on land, were actually formed in water.  “Queensland paleontologists have discovered that the world’s only recorded dinosaur stampede is … Continue reading

  • Smallest Fossil Footprints

    I love fossils and fossil hunting.  Where I live in northern Kentucky, we have tons of marine fossils such as bryozoans, crinoids, brachiopods, pelecypods, and trilobites and I’ve collected my share of them.  I’ve also fossil hunted in other states … Continue reading

  • Hopping Fish and Other Darwin Mysteries

    The chieftans of evolutionary theory insist that their doctrines have come a long way since Darwin.  Discoveries in molecular biology, population genetics, biogeography, paleontology have left the Victorian concepts of evolution outdated and antiquated, they would say.  Yet a look … Continue reading

  • Is The Famous Fish-Fossil Finished?

    Tiktaalik, the transitional star, faces an evolutionary dead-end Tracks of footprints found in a quarry in Poland have turned the palaeontological world upside down.1 For years there has been a neat evolutionary story about how fish evolved four legs and came … Continue reading

  • Polar Dinosaur Conundrum

    Dinosaurs are commonly thought to be ‘tropical’ animals—but recently their remains have been discovered close to the inferred ‘Mesozoic’ poles.1  Such discoveries include dinosaurs unearthed in southeast Australia and New Zealand in areas assumed to be close to a former South … Continue reading

  • Tiktaalik Demoted to Has-Been

    The highly-publicized tetrapod missing link or “fish-a-pod” that made headlines in 2006 has been dethroned by new findings in Poland. Trackways said to be 18 million years older than Tiktaalik, showing digits and alternating steps, were announced today in Nature.1 … Continue reading

  • Dinosaur Stumble Preserved in Trackways

    Scientists have described a trackway of a theropod dinosaur beautifully preserved in soft mud, now turned to stone, within Lower Jurassic strata at St George in south-western Utah, USA (figure 1).1 As well as leaving a trail of footprints, they … Continue reading

  • New Evidence of Noah’s Flood from Mexico

    Dinosaur Dig Reveals Dramatic Insights into the Degree of Devastation, Not so Long Ago A new dinosaur find from Mexico gives a vivid insight into the enormous extent of Noah’s Flood catastrophe as well as the magnitude of the processes … Continue reading

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