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  • How Cells Keep Right-Handed Amino Acids Out

    One of the wonders of life at the molecular scale — a fact that defies chance — is the purity of left-handed amino acids in proteins. Without this “homochirality,” as it is known, proteins would never fold properly into the … Continue reading

  • Cool Tools in your Cellular Toolkit

    By David Coppedge Biochemists can’t help using familiar tools to describe what they are finding in living cells. Swiss army knife:  RNA polymerase 1, a molecular machine that builds the ribosome protein factory, is your “Swiss-army knife,” Science Daily says.  That’s because researchers … Continue reading

  • Incredible Kinesin!

    Biological ‘robots’ will blow your mind! by Calvin Smith   Stand and deliver Kinesin molecules are motor proteins found inside living things. Known as the ‘workhorse of the cell’, they haul vital cargo along roadways in cells called microtubules. Steven Block … Continue reading

  • Is DNA Coded Information?

    J.P. from the UK writes in response to Inheritance of biological information—part II: redefining the ‘information challenge’:   The semiotic triad. In genetics, the amino acid is the object that is symbolically represented by the codon, which the cell interprets via … Continue reading

  • Cell Operations Amaze, Inspire

    A student’s view of a cell under a light microscope is misleading.  It reveals only a tiny fraction of what is really going on.  Within that package of life, invisible to the student’s gaze, complex machines work together in cellular … Continue reading

  • Molecular Machines Use Moving Parts

    Research papers into the processes of molecular machines continue to reveal moving parts: “fingers” that open and close, ratchets that lock into place, and feet that move along tracks.  Here are a few samples from the voluminous literature that continues to pour … Continue reading

  • Antibiotic Resistance in Bacteria Did Not Evolve

    Certain classes of antibiotics can no longer eliminate a resistant strain of common skin-covering bacteria. This new strain can now cause infections as it grows amidst the non-resistant strains that are killed by the antibiotic. Although some observers claim this … Continue reading

  • DNA: Instruction Manual of the Simple Cell – Part 23

    In the last episode of this series, we took a very brief look at The Many Faces of RNA.  We saw that RNA is involved in the reading and decoding of DNA and in governing the process of protein synthesis … Continue reading

  • An Atypical Atheist, Plus Just How Long Was that So-called ‘Gap’?

    Today we have two feedbacks, the first from atheist Ricky K of Illinois, USA who expresses appreciation for the well-written material on our website, to which Andrew Lamb responds. The second, from Dominique A of France (in French), to which … Continue reading

  • The origin of life: a critique of current scientific models

    by Aw Swee-Eng Profound advances in the fields of molecular biology in recent years have enabled the elucidation of cell structure and function in detail previously unimaginable. The unexpected levels of complexity revealed at the molecular level have further strained … Continue reading

  • The Nucleus – Simple Cell Part 16

    The difference between prokaryote and eukaryote cells is the presence of absence of a nucleus.  Prokaryote cells lack a nucleus and eukaryote cells.  Their chromosomes are loosely grouped together in the center of the cell.  In Eukaryote cells the chromosomes … Continue reading

  • Jam and Jelly – Simple Cell – Part 10

    In the past installments in this series on the Simple Cell, I have mentioned the cytoplasm on many occasions.  I have discussed many of the organelles and structures that are found in the cytoplasm, but have never talked in any … Continue reading

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