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  • The Parable of the Candle

    By: Garth Wiebe Chris and Lucy entered a building looking for Manuel. In a room they found a note and a lighted candle. Chris looked at the note and read it aloud: ‘Hi! It’s 2:30, and I’m leaving to run … Continue reading

  • Parable two computer programs

    by Phil Robinson One night, in a student Bible study, one of the students asked the Pastor, “Can science alone explain why I am here?” He answered by relating this parable: One day, two computer programs were taking a break, having … Continue reading

  • Using Your Talent

    by Phil Robinson A New Year is upon us! It has become a popular custom that many people make a New Year’s resolution, setting out a personal goal, a project they would like to complete, or perhaps a bad habit that … Continue reading

  • Psalm 78

    1 Hear my doctrine, O my people: incline your ears unto the words of my mouth. 2 I will open my mouth in a parable: I will declare high sentences of old. 3 Which we have heard and known, and … Continue reading

  • Are Christians Any Different From Non-Christians?

    I just finished reading an article titled, Why Young Christians Aren’t Waiting Anymore, and it reminded me of a criticism I’ve heard nearly all of my Christian life.  From long before Creation Revolution was launched a year ago, I’ve had … Continue reading

  • Psalm 49

    1 Hear this all ye people: give ear, all ye that dwell in the world, 2 As well low as high, both rich and poor. 3 My mouth shall speak of wisdom, and the meditation of mine heart is of knowledge. … Continue reading

  • History and Pseudo-History

    Is Genesis 1–11 history, pseudo-history, poetry, allegory or parable? By ‘pseudo-history’, I mean something which was written to look like history, but was not genuine history. Before the rise of uniformitarianism and the theory of evolution in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the vast … Continue reading

  • Is God Science Reading Genesis 1 ‘Properly’?

    The DVD God Science1 addresses the conflict between the Bible and ‘science’, a vital issue for Christian young people. They often flounder at high school and university when they encounter secular ideas that contradict what they have been taught at church. … Continue reading

  • Grandparent’s Special Bonds

    Those of us that were or are fortunate enough to know our grandparents generally have very fond memories of them.  I remember spending time with my grandparents growing up.  They had a large backyard and my grandmother kept a sizeable … Continue reading

  • Daily Devotional: True Disciples

    May 14 So Jesus said to the Jews who had believed in him, “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples,” John 8:31 Christ preaches about true and false followers of God’s Word.  He is saying, “Many hear … Continue reading

  • A Revealing Look at the World’s Religious Belief Systems

    A review of Discovering God by Rodney Stark HarperOne, New York, 2007 Rodney Stark is professor of Social Sciences at Baylor University, and is a prolific author and renowned scholar in the field of sociology of religion. This new book is … Continue reading

  • Thousand Years is a Day, God’s Plan and Primitive Man

    North America’s Oldest Inhabitants Found in Texas From: Howard E. Where dose the existence of dinosaurs fit in with the timelines given in this article. If the age of the earth is only 6000yrs. or even 16,000yrs? The Bible does … Continue reading

  • Christ Crucified, Bad Arguments and Uncomfortable Scripture

      Christ Crucified  From David Stop serving satan and preach Jesus Christ and Him crucified!!!! RESPONSE: David, thank you sending us your comment, but I have to admit that I find your statement confusing and alarming.  I am confused because … Continue reading

  • How long were the days of Genesis 1?

    What did God intend us to understand from the words He used? by Russell Grigg Were the days of Creation Week of 24 hours duration or were they long periods of time? This article will discuss the Hebrew ‘time’ words … Continue reading

  • Apologetics = Defending the Faith – Part 6

    BEFORE YOU CAN DEFEND AND CONTEND YOU HAVE TO KNOW THE FAITH INTRODUCTION: Whenever the church as a whole has neglected doctrine and emphasized other things (some of which have their proper place in the life of the church, i.e. … Continue reading

  • Year of the Frog

    I recently went to a zoo with my family. While in the amphibian building, we noticed a dated video that was playing on the television monitors located throughout the facility. The video spotlighted a campaign to “save the amphibians,” many species … Continue reading

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