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  • Observable Chemistry Does Not Logically Apply to the Origin of Life

    By David Coppedge Origin-of-life researchers assume that intelligently-designed experiments in the lab can inform them about the emergence of life without design – in short, that design proves non-design. Life uses chemistry; that’s not controversial.  What’s at issue is whether … Continue reading

  • Dr. Jason Lisle on Observable Evolution

    “Science involves observation and experimentation. However, no one has observed one basic kind of organism changing into another kind.”  “Claims that such changes take place over a very long timeframe cannot be observed. This is beyond the scope of observational … Continue reading

  • Is Evolution an Observable Fact?

    by Nathaniel T. Jeanson, Ph.D. “Evolution is fact!” is one of the most popular evolutionary assertions made by evolutionists, ranging from those at the National Center for Science Education to those working for PBS.1, 2 Proponents of Charles Darwin want you … Continue reading

  • How Evolution has Harmed Science and Society

    This week’s feedback features responses from regular contributor Marc Ambler and CMI’s Dr Don Batten to skeptics who object to us saying that evolution has harmed science and society. Firstly, Matt E. from the United States comments on the article Make believe knowledge. Author Marc Ambler’s responses … Continue reading

  • A Tale of Two Falsifications of Evolution

    In diatribes against creationists, evolutionists have long pointed to antibiotic-resistant bacteria as examples of evolution in action.  Since antibiotics were unknown before the 1920s, debaters have taunted their creationist opponents with the claim that evolution is such an observable fact, … Continue reading

  • Water, Water Everywhere in Space

    The largest mass of water has been found surrounding a black hole in a quasar 12 billion light-years away. says the cloud harbors “140 trillion times more water than all of Earth’s oceans combined.”  The discovery not only that “water has … Continue reading

  • The Evolution Train’s a-Comin’

    (Sorry, A-Goin’—In the Wrong Direction) The atmosphere in the crowded lecture theatre foyer was alive with curious anticipation. It was the late 1970s, the heady early days of the creation movement in South Australia. The creation/evolution debate I was about … Continue reading

  • Flap Over Flight Evolution

    Birds flap their wings when they run up ramps.  It takes less energy than flying.  This is uncontroversial; it is observable, and science can measure the energy cost.  But for at least eight years now, Ken Dial at the University … Continue reading

  • Soldiers and Scoffers

    This week’s correspondence illustrates some of the reasons why CMI exists: to give aid to believers in war of ideas where they are, and to stand as a public challenge to scoffers. CMI’s Dr Don Batten and Dr Tas Walker respond. Neville … Continue reading

  • Scan of Amber-Trapped Spider Shows Recent Origin

    A piece of oxygen-darkened amber was said to hold a particular arachnid, but it wasn’t clearly visible. Scientists made a surprising discovery when a computed tomography scan was able to produce a finely detailed three-dimensional image of a hunting spider. … Continue reading

  • Naturalism Doesn’t Work

    Although naturalism might work with purely observable phenomena, it does not work with origins science and evolutionary biology, which are essentially historical sciences. The historicity of evolutionary biology is explained by Ernst Mayr in his article in the July 2000 … Continue reading

  • Big Bang Relies on Unnatural Causes

    Unnatural Causes The most fundamental axiom of science is Causality: the belief that every material effect observed must have a sufficient cause preceding or simultaneous with it (Miller, 2011). The observed motion of a cart is difficult to explain, for example, … Continue reading

  • Darwin’s Sacred Imposter: Recognizing Missed Warning Signs

    In order for a human brain to “see” something external, the data patterns captured by the eyes must be associated with related patterns stored in memory. When they match, the mind accurately perceives things. Thus, prior education greatly influences the … Continue reading

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