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  • Mosquitoes and the Fall

    by Frank Sherwin, M.A. Christians often question what we call the “predator-prey problem”—animals that appear to be designed to prey upon others. For example, bats find and consume prey using sophisticated biological sonar equipment, and parasites devastate host bodies using … Continue reading

  • The Limits of Neo-Darwinism

    Jared from Zimbabwe asks for clarification over just what mutations and natural selection are capable of doing and not capable of doing. CMI’s Dr Don Batten responds. Hi, I am curious about the few, seemingly at odds, articles that I have read … Continue reading

  • The Ten Plagues of Egypt

    Miracles or ‘Mother Nature’? Were the ten plagues of Egypt, as recorded in Exodus chapters 7–11, all overt miraculous acts of God? Yes, according to Moses. No, according to the natural-cause-and-effect theory of Greta Hort, first published in 1957–58,1 and today widely … Continue reading

  • What Is It About Africa?

    What’s wrong with Africa?  The answer is, of course, nothing – at least not with the continent itself.  Africa is a bountiful land of incredible diversity and productive potential, boasting the largest mammals, the great apes, geological diversity, vast panoramas … Continue reading

  • Science Supports Traditional Values

    It is well known that liberals outnumber conservatives in academia (see 12/02/2004), but sometimes, scientific studies support traditional values, not leftist ideology.  Imagine the surprise of some of these researchers who went looking and found that conservative Christian family organizations have … Continue reading

  • The Evolution Train’s a-Comin’

    (Sorry, A-Goin’—In the Wrong Direction) The atmosphere in the crowded lecture theatre foyer was alive with curious anticipation. It was the late 1970s, the heady early days of the creation movement in South Australia. The creation/evolution debate I was about … Continue reading

  • Rapid tomcod ‘evolution by pollution’? Yeah, right … and wrong

    by Carl Wieland Headlines have screamed that fish in New York’s Hudson River have ‘evolved’ into ‘super mutants’, able to resist the toxic effects of PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) in that heavily polluted waterway. And all this ‘evolution’ has happened in … Continue reading

  • Lice tell evolutionists when humans first wore clothes

    Human lice are responsible for the transmission of various diseases.  Next to malaria carrying mosquitoes, lice are considered by some as being the second deadliest insect to humans. As a parent, have you ever received a note from your child’s … Continue reading

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