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  • Wild Carnivores That Prefer Fruits And Vegetables

    By R. L. David Jolly When you see an animal with sharp teeth, do you automatically believe that the animal is a meat eating carnivore and given the choice they will choose meat every time?  If you do, you have … Continue reading

  • Is This Primate a Prime Mate?

    By David Coppedge The news media jumped onto claims that a tiny primate fossil is an ancestor of human beings, when it is really an amazing example of biological miniaturization. A tiny fossil primate from China, classified as Archicebus achilles, was … Continue reading

  • How Students Should Deal with Evolution Evangelists

    By David Coppedge There are professors and leaders of special interest groups whose sole purpose is to draw students away from belief in a Designer and tempt them to embrace the aimless, purposeless, materialist processes of Darwinism.  How can students … Continue reading

  • Monkey madness

    by David Catchpoole When arguing that life could have arisen by chance, evolutionists will often state that—given enough time—anything could happen, regardless of how improbable it might seem.1 For example, prominent evolutionist Julian Huxley (1887–1975) said that, given enough time, monkeys typing … Continue reading

  • Monkey Luv: It’s All Chemicals

    By David Coppedge The latest “shed light on evolution” story will ruin your Valentine’s Day. You think you love that special person in your life, but if National Geographic’s philosophy is right, you are only a bag of chemicals responding to … Continue reading

  • Splainin’ Lucy – Part 2

    My, What Beautiful Eyes You Have!” In the first installment of this series we set the stage to deal with some very specific claims about the most famous of all the supposed evolutionary ancestors, “Lucy”.  In this article we’ll apply the simple … Continue reading

  • Monkey Pucker Logic

    By David Coppedge Scientists measured lip-smacking by macaques and concluded that’s where human language came from.  Is that logical?  Only if an arbitrary requirement is imposed on scientific explanations. The materialism rule in science is a de facto requirement that … Continue reading

  • Animals Win the Gold

    As the Olympics begin in London, it’s fun to consider how animals would compete against humans. The BBC Nature News wrote up a list of amazing animals that, adjusted for size, could outperform humans in certain Olympic events. 100 meter sprint would be won … Continue reading

  • Monkey Raspberries Created Speech

    What was this evolutionist thinking when he proposed that human language evolved out of the lip smacking and buzzing sounds made by monkeys? W. Tecumseh Fitch didn’t get any ridicule at all on Science Daily for proposing that “Monkey Lip Smacks Provide … Continue reading

  • More ‘Monkey Business’ in Tennessee?

    In 1925, a hot July courtroom in Dayton, Tennessee, USA, was the site of America’s famous Scopes trial. But nearly 90 years later, it seems another battle is brewing in the Volunteer State. The Tennessee General Assembly has recently passed a … Continue reading

  • Stalin’s Ape-Man Superwarriors

    Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin wanted to rebuild the Red Army, in the mid-1920s, with Planet-of-the-Apes-style troops by crossing humans with apes. This was according to a report in The Scotsman newspaper on 20 December 2005.1 The report claimed that Stalin ordered Russia’s … Continue reading

  • Good News For Men – We’re Not Evolving to Extinction After All

    by RL David Jolly For years we’ve heard evolutionists give their doomsday predictions of the eventual extinction of human men, leaving a race of just women.  They’ve based their Nostradamus like prophecies on the supposed reduction in the size of … Continue reading

  • Media Respond Predictably to Latest Ape-Man

    A new law of nature has been revealed: the Law of Predictable Media Reactions to Missing Link Announcements.  Once again, the science news media have gone ape over the latest bone story emerging from the paleoanthropology industry.  In keeping with … Continue reading

  • Evolution Controversy’s Outdated, One-sided Exposure

    Appealing to public emotions is a tool employed by politicians, media, and anyone trying to win supporters for a specific agenda. Naturally, such efforts can skew or omit facts, as is often the case in mainstream presentations of the ongoing … Continue reading

  • C.S. Lewis: Creationist and Anti-Evolutionist

    Oxford University professor C.S. Lewis was one of the most important Christian apologists of the last century. Toward the end of his career, he concluded that the modern theory of evolutionary naturalism is “pure hallucination”. Lewis detailed the reasons for … Continue reading

  • Amazing Organisms: How They Do It

    The plants and animals around us seem so ordinary, but they all are so extraordinary, the extraordinary becomes ordinary simply because of their numbers.  But if you expanded the sample space to include the entire solar system, what we have … Continue reading

  • Evolutionary Cladograms and Malevolent, Straw-men Creationists

    A review of Evolution: What the Fossils Say and Why it Matters by Donald R. Prothero Columbia University Press, New York, 2007 Reviewed by John Woodmorappe his book is so jam-packed with information (and disinformation!) that it would take a separate book … Continue reading

  • Trial of the Century

    In the centuries prior to World War 1, most western nations like America, Canada and England considered themselves to be Christian.  Most of the people believed in God, Jesus and the Bible.  In America, most of the laws made to … Continue reading

  • Racism—A Consequence of Evolution?

    What’s wrong with this picture? More blatantly than most, it typifies the racism inherent in a lot of human evolutionary progressions. Did you notice that the transitional hominid just before the end (second from right) looks like a modern-day African … Continue reading

  • The Origin of Human Prejudice

    When you meet someone who is different from you in some way, do you immediately accept that person as if they were part of your closest family and friends or do you tend to have some reserve about welcoming them … Continue reading

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