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  • Visual evidence for Noah’s Flood

    A review of Flood by Design: Receding Water Shapes the Earth’s Surface by Mike Oard Master Books, Green Forest, AR, 2008 Reviewed by Barry Tapp Mike Oard’s latest book covers one of the lesser travelled pathways in the creation-evolution debate; that of geomorphology, … Continue reading

  • Is plate tectonics occurring today?

    By John Baumgardner In this brief article, I focus on the question of whether or not the primary plate tectonic processes of seafloor spreading and subduction are occurring in the present day. Restricting the scope to the present moment eliminates … Continue reading

  • A preliminary age calibration for the post-glacial-maximum period

    By Tas Walker The sea-level curve on Wikipedia allows a rough calculation to be made to convert uniformitarian dates into actual dates for the post-Flood period. We use Oard’s estimate for the timing of the post-Flood Ice Age (see figure 9 on … Continue reading

  • Relationship between standard geology and flood geology

    Reader Paul G asks: On your thread about the GSA and evidence for the Flood in the Appalachians, I was intrigued by a couple of sentences: “When they speak of 200 million years it’s getting toward the middle of the Flood. … Continue reading

  • When and How Did Mammoths Go Extinct

    Most people instantly think of the Ice Age when they see or hear about woolly mammoths.  By Ice Age, I am referring to both the time in earth’s history when much of the northern hemisphere was covered with glaciers and … Continue reading

  • What is the Meaning of Dropstones in the Rock Record?

    by Michael J. Oard Dropstones are rocks whose diameter is larger (outsized) than the thickness of the sediment beds within which they are found. Sometimes large ‘rocks’ within fine-grained, massive sediments are considered dropstones. Dropstones have commonly been interpreted as being … Continue reading

  • What Caused the Ice Age?

    Evolutionists believe that there were many different Ice Ages and that they lasted for different lengths of time.  You see this taught in most textbooks used in public schools and sadly in many Christian schools as well.  They also have … Continue reading

  • Ice Core Layers – Hours, Days or Years?

    I know so many people that have to have their hot coffee or tea to get them going in the mornings.  Winter or summer, it doesn’t matter.  They have to have their hot caffeine fix first thing in the morning … Continue reading

  • The Not-So Great Dinosaur Extinction

    Dinosaurs went extinct 65 million years ago!  For over 200 million years, dinosaurs ruled the world until they were all suddenly wiped out by a catastrophic.  You hear it everywhere to you turn. A few years back, I did most … Continue reading

  • How old is Grand Canyon?

    Grand Canyon is one of the most awesome, readily seen deep canyons in the world. But yet its origin is cloaked in mystery. Grand Canyon also lies at the forefront of competing paradigms for its origin, namely the uniformitarian and … Continue reading

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