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  • New Dino Supposedly Earliest to Exist

    About twenty years ago, the dinosaurs evolved about 220 million years ago.  A few years later that date was moved back to about 225 million years ago based upon a new discovery.  A few years after that and another new … Continue reading

  • Mother of Pearl: Man Finally Mimics Nature

    One of the key components of evolution is that everything is the product of pure random chance.  There is no intelligent direction or guidance, even though you constantly hear evolutionists talk like plants and animals choose to evolve. It always … Continue reading

  • When Did Man First Use Fire?

    One of the harshest places on earth is the Kalahari Desert.  It can get quite hot and go months without a trace of rain.  Located near the edge of the Kalahari Desert in South Africa is a huge cave known … Continue reading

  • Perth, Western Australia, Geological Cross Section

    The figure here shows an interpreted geological cross-section near Perth, Western Australia. It’s taken from the 1:250,000 scale geological map SH-50-14 publised in 1978 by the Geological Survey of Western Australia.   As I have mentioned before, I look at sections like these … Continue reading

  • More Evidence Cambrian Explosion was Un-Darwinian

    The Cambrian Explosion (the abrupt appearance of animal phyla in the earliest fossil layers bearing multicellular body plans) remains unmuffled.  Known by Darwin as a problem for his theory, it has become more problematic to his followers over time.  There … Continue reading

  • Space Physics and Fables

    Physics is supposed to be the king of “hard science” because of its precise mathematics, predictability and falsifiability.  When transferred off our planet, however, it seems speculation is the order of the day. 1.  Looney magnets:  According to simple physics, the … Continue reading

  • Rafting Rodents Okay for Evolution, Not for Creation

    Pierre-Oliver Antoine of the University of Montpellier in southern France led a team of researchers on a fossil hunting trip along the Cachiyacu River in northern Peru.  Among the fossils they found was an armadillo, some marsupials, rodents, other mammals, … Continue reading

  • Secular Scientist Disprove Key Proof of Evolution

    For nearly thirty years, one of the key evidences used as proof of evolution being true is antibiotic resistance.  Evolutionists continually point to bacteria that evolve a resistance to an antibiotic as strong evidence for evolution.  And because bacteria so … Continue reading

  • The Amazingly Designed Human Body – Part 20

    The Amazingly Designed Human Body – Part 20   The Sense of Sight Of the five basic senses, none is more miraculous than the sense of sight.  For over a century, Bible believing creationists have used the complexity of the … Continue reading

  • The Amazingly Designed Human Body – Part 14

    The Female Reproductive System Note to Parents – Parents and teachers need to be aware that this installment on the reproductive system will contain the names of male and female body parts. Last week we took a brief overview of … Continue reading

  • Fossil Discoveries Disrupt Evolutionary Timescales

    Conventional geology assumes that different rock layers represent different periods of time. Paleontologists assess the age of fossilized creatures by the rock layers in which they are found. So, a fossil found in a lower rock layer is considered to … Continue reading

  • Megaflood Origin of Box Canyon, Idaho, and Implications for Sapping Erosion

    The interpretation of geological observations can be difficult. It is unlike any biological, physical or chemical experiment in the laboratory, which is usually more straightforward. In geology, fieldwork involves observations of structure, rock type and fossils, etc. But no one … Continue reading

  • Out of Place Marine Fossil Disrupts Evolutionary Index

    Cambrian rock layer is considered to be “Cambrian” because of the particular fossils it contains. But what does it mean when a rock layer designated as “Ordovician” contains distinctly Cambrian fossils? Paleontologists are facing that question after a recent find … Continue reading

  • The Treasures of the Snow

    Do pretty crystals prove that organization can arise spontaneously? Snow crystals are some of the most beautiful shapes that nature has to offer, and no two flakes are alike. Many evolutionists have tried to claim the order of a crystal … Continue reading

  • Despite ‘Magma Ocean’ Discovery, Io’s Volcanic Heat Remains a Mystery

    Jupiter’s moon Io may have a very short name, but it definitely has the highest volcanic activity of any object in the solar system. Littered with volcanoes, its unique surface sports a massive active volcano named Loki whose lava output … Continue reading

  • The Amazingly Designed Human Body – Part 6

    Today we will start with the Nervous System.  Simply stated, the nervous system is the super computer and network of system cables that control the entire body. The nervous system is divided into two basic systems: the central and peripheral … Continue reading

  • Controversial Discoveries Being Made by Cedarville Geologist

    Cedarville, Ohio — Dr. John Whitmore, associate professor of geology at Cedarville University, recently presented a paper on his Grand Canyon research during the annual meeting of the Geological Society of America (GSA) in Portland, Oregon, October 18-21. This annual … Continue reading

  • Fossils Found Through Layers of Sediment

    Polystrate Fossils Since the proposal of the idea of uniformity by Charles Lyell in the early 1800s, geologists have struggled to explain polystrate fossils. A polystrate fossil is a fossil encased not in a single layer of strata but in … Continue reading

  • ‘Demon Reptile’ Is Not a Missing Link

    The skull of a previously unknown dinosaur with interesting teeth and a unique head shape was uncovered in Ghost Ranch, New Mexico. The technical description that appeared in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B claimed that this creature bridged … Continue reading

  • North America’s Oldest Inhabitants Found in Texas

    Museums with illustrations of early North American human inhabitants often assert that the first peoples on the continent were the Clovis natives who lived during the Ice Age. But a handful of archaeological sites have shown evidence of human occupation … Continue reading

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