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  • No evidence of evolution and ‘deep time’

    by Dominic Statham There are many similar plants and animals found in eastern Asia and eastern North America, but not in the regions between them (fig. 1). These include arachnids, millipedes, wasps, freshwater fish, and over 150 different seed plants.1,2 Evolutionists try … Continue reading

  • Identification of a Large Sparrow-Finch Monobaramin in Perching Birds (Aves: Passeriformes)

    In baraminology hybrid data is used to determine which species are able to reproduce with each other and thus logically belong to the same created kind (baramin). Hybrid data from birds in the order Passeriformes was examined. It was found … Continue reading

  • Hybrid Sharks and Evolutionary Storytelling

    When biologists found hybrid sharks in Australian waters, lead researcher Jess Morgan told Discovery News, “This is evolution in action.”1 What did he mean by “evolution”? A University of Queensland news release and other articles about the sharks used words such … Continue reading

  • Rediscovered ‘Extinct’ Tortoise Frustrates Darwinism

    Observing animals on the Galapagos Islands supposedly helped Charles Darwin come up with his theory of evolution by natural selection. But none of these animals have fulfilled the evolutionary interpretation Darwinists have placed on them, and recent evidence of a … Continue reading

  • Archaic Humans Are One With Us

    According to the biological species concept, two varieties of anything are considered one species if they can interbreed and produce fertile offspring.  Applied to humans, new evidence suggests that Neanderthals and the recently-discovered Denisovans (12/29/2010) were members of the human … Continue reading

  • How Did all the Animals Fit on Noah’s Ark?

    Many skeptics assert that the Bible must be wrong, because they claim that the Ark could not possibly have carried all the different types of animals. This has persuaded some Christians to deny the Genesis Flood, or believe that it … Continue reading

  • Three Reasons Why Genesis Matters

    The Bible is an uncomfortable, yet undeniable book. From beginning to end, what is revealed about God Himself, His creation, His dealings with mankind, and His plans for the future makes sinful human beings squirm. For the unredeemed, separation from … Continue reading

  • UFOlogy: The World’s Fastest-Growing ‘Scientific’ Religion?

    Many people wonder why we write about the UFO phenomenon. Isn’t it just a ‘side issue’? But in fact, it’s so important to oppose this particular belief, because ET belief is quickly becoming the world’s most scientifically acceptable false religion and … Continue reading

  • Mammoth—Riddle of the Ice Age

    News recently flashed around the world of what many scientists hoped to be a nearly whole mammoth, found in permafrost in the Taymyr Peninsula in northern Siberia.1,2 Once again fascinated, people asked: ‘What exactly are mammoths?’, ‘Where did they come … Continue reading

  • Did Flower Study Catch Evolution in the Act?

    When two species of daisy are crossed, the resulting daisies should look a little like each parent—right? That’s not what researchers recently discovered in a new study published inCurrent Biology. Co-author Doug Soltis and his colleagues found that these flowers’ … Continue reading

  • Harmonious Hybrids?

    Evolutionary researchers, continuing to seek explanations for phylogenetic fossil gaps, have found yet another apologetic. It seems that very big phenotypic changes are possible with very slight genetic changes. Different varieties and hybrids of Monkeyflower were bred and tested in the … Continue reading

  • Herbivores, Carnivores and the Created Order

    Man was authorised in Genesis 1:29 to eat anything from the plant kingdom. A vegetarian diet only is mentioned, despite the earlier reference to livestock. We can infer, therefore, that sheep, cows, etc., were not originally given for meat-but for … Continue reading

  • Apologetics = Defending the Faith – Part 12

    THE PERILS OF POST-MODERN EVANGELICALISM INTRODUCTION: It used to be the case that apologetics had to do with defending the faith to those outside the faith. While this still remains the primary purpose of apologetics, a new situation has arisen-that … Continue reading

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