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  • Miley Cyrus Tells Her Teenage Fans to “Forget Jesus”

    I wouldn’t pay much attention to Miley Cyrus except she influences a lot of young girls. I don’t understand what these girls’ parents are thinking letting them dress like street walkers and watch this once innocent young lass morally disintegrate … Continue reading

  • Fired JPL Creationist Employee’s Court Case Starts Today

    Editor’s Note: David Coppedge’s creation website is CREV.  We regularly try to post his articles here on Creation Revolution, but of late, he hasn’t been able to do much posting because of his lawsuit and trial. David Coppedge worked as … Continue reading

  • Dawkins Admits He Cannot Prove God Does Not Exist

    For centuries, people have claimed to be atheists because no one could prove to them that God exists.  One of the most ardent members of that group has been British author Richard Dawkins.  I’ve read and listened to Dawkins challenge believers to prove … Continue reading

  • PETA Kills 95% of Animals They Rescue

    People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have always been against the cruelty or abuse of animals.  They have fought to ban all laboratory use of animals and for that manner, any use of animals.  They swear to being vegan … Continue reading

  • Sonograms Legal and Ultrasounds Heartbreaking for Women Seeking Abortions

    Texas legislators passed a ‘Woman’s Right to Know’ bill that has become known as the Sonogram Law.  The bill requires that women seeking an abortion be given access to a sonogram of their unborn child, including being able to listen … Continue reading

  • Wisdom from Ronald Reagan: 101 Years Old Today

    The following is taken from the “American Minute with Bill Federer.” On this day in 1911, Ronald Reagan was born. At age sixty-nine, he was the oldest person elected U.S. President, and sixty-nine days after his inauguration, he survived an … Continue reading

  • Courts Say Christian Church Not Allowed to Practice Christianity

    Should a Christian church be allowed to practice its faith in all of its activities? Not according to a New Jersey judge. In 2007, a lesbian couple, Harriet Bernstein and Luisa Paster asked Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association for permission … Continue reading

  • Abortion Doctors Face Murder Charges

    “Two abortion doctors face murder charges,” reports CBS Baltimore. “The allegations follow a long investigation into a botched abortion in Elkton, Cecil County.” But it goes way deeper than just one botched abortion. Upon investigation, police found a freezer full of aborted … Continue reading

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