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  • The Unpredictable Pattern of Bioluminescence

    by Brian Thomas, M.S. Three of my daughters took a night swim in a bioluminescent bay during a mission trip to Puerto Rico in 2012. They splashed water on their heads and watched their hair glow green from countless tiny … Continue reading

  • The Proportion of Polypeptide Chains Which Generate Native Folds

    by Royal Truman Creationist scientists and Intelligent Design proponents have drawn attention to the sparseness of native-like folded proteins among random polypeptide sequences. Contrary to this opinion, it was alleged that protein folds are very common among random amino acid chains. … Continue reading

  • Physics, Not God, Explains the Universe

    by Brian Thomas, M.S. * “With the laws of physics, you can get universes,” said Alex Filippenko of the University of California, Berkeley, during a panel discussion at the June 23 SETICon 2 science and science fiction conference in Santa … Continue reading

  • What Magnetized the Moon?

    The 1969 moon landing was one of the crowning achievements of mankind. And magnetic moon rocks were some of its most mysterious discoveries, showing that they hardened in the presence of a magnetic field. But if the moon is billions … Continue reading

  • Mercury’s Fading Magnetic Field Fits Creation Model

    Planets, including the earth, generate magnetic fields that encompass the space around them. Observations have shown that, like earth’s, the planet Mercury‘s magnetic field is rapidly breaking down, and NASA’s Messenger spacecraft confirmed that again earlier this year. If the … Continue reading

  • Mighty Mitochondria Conduct Energy Exquisitely

    Nothing would live without mitochondria.  These are the power centers ubiquitous in all living cells.  They contain molecular machines in factories whose jobs are to generate and conduct electrical currents.  The currents run turbines that packetize the energy in molecules … Continue reading

  • Only God Could Have Made Cells

    The minimum requirements for physical cellular life are vast in number, information rich, and precise in structure. Natural processes are not known to generate any of the kinds of molecular machines—many of which can manipulate specific, single atoms—that are required … Continue reading

  • Did Life Evolve From Floating Rocks?

    If evolution is a fact, then which fact is a fact and which fact is not a fact?  It amazes me to see so many people adamantly claim that evolution is a fact and has been proven when they still … Continue reading

  • Evolution Delays Discovery of Dolphin Sensory Ability

    Scientists have known for a while that dolphins use vision and sonar to find food and identify objects. But researchers recently discovered that dolphins also have electricsensory perception. After decades of dolphin studies, why had this incredible feature not already been … Continue reading

  • Darwin’s Sacred Imposter: How Natural Selection Is Given Credit for Design in Nature

    In medicine, a patient’s symptoms may be explained by many causes. Experienced doctors train new physicians to keep an open mind and an active list of potential diseases until evidence indicates one. Thoroughness for the patient’s sake is crucial, and … Continue reading

  • Complex Arthropod Eyes Found in Early Cambrian

    Complex eyes with modern optics from an unknown arthropod, more complex than trilobite eyes, have been discovered in early Cambrian strata from southern Australia.  The exquisitely-preserved imprints of the eyes in shale were reported by Lee et al. inNature.1  The … Continue reading

  • Bird Evolution – New Theory, Same Problems

    Over the past twenty or so years, the prevailing theory for the evolution of birds has centered on theropod dinosaur evolving the ability to fly.  Some believe that they evolved feathers to help them catch small prey, others believe they evolved … Continue reading

  • The Moon: the Light that Rules the Night

    Our Moon. God created it. Man reached it. Poets have written about it. Find out about some fascinating truths behind our great ‘lesser light’… The moon—an object of wonder since the dawn of mankind. It lights up the night sky … Continue reading

  • Peppered Moths Are Back

    One might think that past embarrassments about the peppered moth as evidence for evolution would keep evolutionists reluctant to mention them.  A team from the University of Liverpool either didn’t get the message, or shed all reluctance anyway.  They published … Continue reading

  • Embryonic Stem Cells Left in iPS Dust

    May 23, 2011 — A few years ago, scientists were clamoring for access to human embryos for stem cell research.  Now, the discovery of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS) from human skin and other adult tissues has sidetracked interest in … Continue reading

  • Despite ‘Magma Ocean’ Discovery, Io’s Volcanic Heat Remains a Mystery

    Jupiter’s moon Io may have a very short name, but it definitely has the highest volcanic activity of any object in the solar system. Littered with volcanoes, its unique surface sports a massive active volcano named Loki whose lava output … Continue reading

  • Poison-Resistant Tomcods and the Meaning of ‘Evolution’

    In response to the article on the mutated tomcod fish in the polluted Hudson River, evolution-defender Steven L. wrote in claiming that it contained “blatant mistakes” and gave substantial detail and detailed reasons. We first publish his email intact, then again … Continue reading

  • Canadian ‘Mega’ Dinosaur Bonebed Formed by Watery Catastrophe

    Canadian scientists have found a massive dinosaur fossil graveyard in Alberta containing so many bones that it calls into question the standard stories of slow and gradual dinosaur fossil formation. No mere river flood could account for so many casualties. … Continue reading

  • Parrot Fashion

    As a youngster, I could not at first believe that the colours of the parrot featured on a famous Australian food brand were real. It took some time to convince me that the ‘unbelievable’ colours had not just been painted … Continue reading

  • Big Bang Relies on Unnatural Causes

    Unnatural Causes The most fundamental axiom of science is Causality: the belief that every material effect observed must have a sufficient cause preceding or simultaneous with it (Miller, 2011). The observed motion of a cart is difficult to explain, for example, … Continue reading

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