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  • Frozen in stone … in just decades

    by Jonathan O’Brien Cape Leeuwin is a wild, beautiful and windy place, the most south-westerly point of mainland Australia. A famous lighthouse stands there, made of a limestone that glows a brilliant white on sunny days. Attracted by the awesome coastal … Continue reading

  • Mammoth clones coming to a zoo near you

    by Robert Carter Over the past decade or two, there have been many reports from various research teams claiming they are going to resurrect some long-lost species. True to form, one recent story tells about a joint Russian-Japanese effort to clone … Continue reading

  • When and How Did Mammoths Go Extinct

    Most people instantly think of the Ice Age when they see or hear about woolly mammoths.  By Ice Age, I am referring to both the time in earth’s history when much of the northern hemisphere was covered with glaciers and … Continue reading

  • Where Did the Fossils Come From?

    *by Wes Moore Have you ever seen a dinosaur “fossil” at a museum? Have you ever wondered exactly what a fossil is or where it came from? That’s what I’d like to explain to you in this article. What is … Continue reading

  • Ancient Raindrops Argue for Young Earth

    What was the earth’s atmosphere like when ancient rocks were forming? Was it cold and thin because the sun was supposedly dimmer back then? Researcher Sanjoy Som tried to answer these questions by analyzing tiny craters in South Africa that … Continue reading

  • Ancient Forest Frozen in Time by Volcano

    The area surrounding what is now Wuda, Inner Mongolia, once teemed with tropical plants before a tremendous ancient volcanic explosion overwhelmed it. The ash-entombed forest, buried between coal layers, left such remarkably preserved fossilized plants that artists and paleontologists have … Continue reading

  • Can Solar ‘Belch’ Theory Solve Sun Paradox?

    The notion that the earth and cosmos are billions of years old continues to present serious problems for evolutionary scientists. For instance, billions of years ago, the sun would only have glowed faintly, leaving nearby earth totally frozen. But with … Continue reading

  • Frozen Plants Found in Permafrost Growing Once Again

    by RL David Jolly A number of animals including squirrels dig burrows in the ground and use them not only to live in, but to store foods for harder times.  As a wildlife biologist, I’ve have carefully excavated some of … Continue reading

  • Is This Plant Really 30,000 Years Old?

    A plant said to be 30,000 years old has been brought to life in Russia.  A team resurrected a fruit from a rodent burrow in Siberian permafrost, getting it to grow into a whole plant that produces viable seeds.  This … Continue reading

  • Over 100 Frozen Original Mammoth Proteins Found

    Researchers were able to find 126 unique proteins from a frozen wooly mammoth in the first ever “shotgun sequence” of fossil protein content.1 The same team confirmed similar but fewer proteins in a Columbian mammoth fossil found in a temperate, … Continue reading

  • Frozen Solid and Still Alive

    Would you believe that there is an animal that can be frozen in ice over the long winter months and then when the ice thaws, they come back to life as if nothing ever happened to them? There are a … Continue reading

  • Green Fossil Leaves Point to Recent Catastrophe

    The term “fossil” is typically associated with once-living things that have been turned into rock. But wood, leaves, mosses, and insects from an ancient forest in Maine were found preserved without having been mineralized. A recent study delved into the … Continue reading

  • Does Carbon Dating Prove the Earth is Millions of Years Old?

    Whenever the worldview of evolution is questioned, the topic of carbon dating always comes up. Here is how carbon dating works and the assumptions it is based upon. How Carbon Dating Works Radiation from the sun strikes the atmosphere of … Continue reading

  • Ice Core Layers – Hours, Days or Years?

    I know so many people that have to have their hot coffee or tea to get them going in the mornings.  Winter or summer, it doesn’t matter.  They have to have their hot caffeine fix first thing in the morning … Continue reading

  • Geologic Catastrophe and the Young Earth

    Tas Walker Talks to Steve Austin About his Research Career in Flood Geology Geologist Dr. Steven A. Austin has rafted through Grand Canyon, helicoptered into the Mount St. Helens volcano, and flown onto glaciers in Alaska. He is currently Senior Research … Continue reading

  • The Earth was Created Just Right for Life

    Have you ever heard the term ‘habitable planet’?  It means that all of the conditions necessary for life on that planet are just right. With all of our telescopes and satellite probes, the only habitable planet that we know of … Continue reading

  • An Evolution Quiz

    Quite often when evolutionists and creationists talk there is a plasticity involved and  ad hoc explanations abound. For example a young-universe creationist, when asked to explain distant starlight, might proffer as an explanation the “mature universe,” the “decaying speed of … Continue reading

  • Rapid Stalactite Growth in Siberia

    Natalya Polina was showing me around a geological museum in southern Siberia. She explained, “This is a cross-section from a stalactite. The rings show how much it has grown each year”.1 My interest was aroused by a very wide ring … Continue reading

  • The Ice Age – When Was It?

    Over the past twenty years I’ve had a fair number of people ask me about the Ice Age.  Based on the Bible’s indication of a 6000 year old earth, they want to know when the Ice Age happened and if … Continue reading

  • Could Wooly Mammoths Be Brought Back?

    by Brian Thomas, M.S. Japanese scientists are hoping to clone a mammoth and effectively bring an extinct animal variety back to life. Such a feat would involve recovering high-quality DNA from the frozen tissue of a mammoth carcass and then … Continue reading

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