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  • Are There Two Creation Accounts in Genesis?

    By Paul Taylor It is very common for people to object to the idea that the early chapters of Genesis are literally true. One of the most common objections raised is that of two creation accounts. It is said that … Continue reading

  • Age of Grand Canyon Remains a Mystery

    by Brian Thomas, M.S. How would a scientist estimate the time when a canyon formed? Various techniques and different interpretations of those techniques have yielded a wide range of estimated dates for the formation of Arizona’s Grand Canyon. But results … Continue reading

  • BBC Conspiracy Road Trip about creationism visits Grand Canyon

    The comedian Andrew Maxwell took five British creationists to the USA on his Conspiracy Road Trip where they dealt with the topic of creationism. One of the dramatic sites they visited was Grand Canyon, and they began with a panoramic … Continue reading

  • Inflation Again: This Time with Feeling

    Inflation is dead.  Long live inflation. The cosmological inflation theory made Alan Guth famous back in 1981.  In case the enthralled didn’t get the message, it was a colossal failure, Amanda Gefter broke the news on New Scientist.  To set up … Continue reading

  • Cape Peninsula, South Africa, Formed During Noah’s Flood

    When I was in South Africa in 2011, I photographed this glorious view looking south on Chapman’s Peak Drive, south of Cape Town. The road down Cape Peninsula runs along the junction between two spectacular geological features. In the cut … Continue reading

  • Who Made the Stars?

    *by Wes Moore Stars are awesome! Sometimes my kids and I sit out in the backyard on blankets and stare up at the stars. Because we live out in the country, there aren’t many city lights to block the clear … Continue reading

  • Baptism, Salvation and Artificial Fertilization

    This past week we had a controversial post on baptism that I’ll address more in the Feed Back.  We also received a great question on artificial fertilization. Baptism and Salvation Earlier this week, one of our staff inadvertently re-posted an … Continue reading

  • Dubious and Dangerous Exposition

    A review of The Lost World of Genesis One: Ancient Cosmology and the Origins Debate by John H. Walton The first verse of the first book of the Bible teaches, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” (Gen. 1:1) … Continue reading

  • Evolution: The Ocean says NO!

    The subject of the age of the earth and the age of the world ocean is a matter of extreme importance. If there is evidence for an old ocean, then this could be used to support the evolutionist’s supposition that … Continue reading

  • Blue Stragglers – How Do Old Stars Look That Young?

    For years, astronomers have tried to explain how stars known as blue stragglers can look so young. Blue stragglers are stars that appear very hot and bright and often found in star clusters thought to be very ancient.  The degree … Continue reading

  • Earth’s Water? Far Out Man!

    Evolutionists believe that when the earth first formed over four billion years ago, that it was so hot that any water would have immediately vaporized.  Over the next eight million years the planet cooled enough to allow the oceans to … Continue reading

  • Plants That Bury Their Own Seeds

    A new plant species has been found in the Brazilian state of Bahia along the Atlantic coast.  Described by amateur botanist Alex Popovkin, the new plant was named Spigelia genuflexa because of its unique property of genuflexing down to the … Continue reading

  • Things in Space That Shouldn’t Be

    A history of astronomy and a history of surprise discoveries in space would track pretty well.  Recent stories show that the trend continues even today. Wet moon:  The moon was thought to be depleted of volatiles – until now.  According … Continue reading

  • Lightweight Star Should Not Exist

    Astronomers have found a mysterious star that is made almost entirely of hydrogen and helium gas. According to naturalistic star formation theories, the star shouldn’t exist, since it is missing massive quantities of heavier elements like oxygen, carbon, and iron, … Continue reading

  • The ‘Animal Connection’ Points to Creation, Not Evolution

    What do the oldest European artworks and the domestication of animals have in common? A Penn State University paleoanthropologist suggested that they are evidence of a unique connection with animals that profoundly shaped the evolutionary development of early man. However, … Continue reading

  • Creation and Evolution Making Political Waves

    This past week, Republican presidential candidate, Texas governor Rick Perry responded to a question from a boy in New Hampshire about evolution.  Governor Perry responded by telling the boy:  I hear your mom was asking about evolution. That’s a theory … Continue reading

  • Continents Should Have Eroded Long Ago

    According to standard evolutionary models, the earth is supposed to be 4.5 billion years old, and its continents supposedly formed 3.5 billion years ago. But if this is true, why haven’t earth’s landforms been completely eroded and deposited into the … Continue reading

  • Genesis Contradictions?

    In Genesis chapter 2 the order of creation seems to be different to that in chapter 1 with the animals being created (2:19) after Adam (2:7). Doesn’t the Bible contradict itself here? Between the creation of Adam and the creation … Continue reading

  • New Evidence for Origin of Life on Earth? Not so Fast!

    Once again we have a report of someone’s experiment that may shed new light on the possible non-life origins of life here on earth.  And once again, they fail to see the real scientific evidence staring them in the face … Continue reading

  • James Clerk Maxwell on Evolution

    No theory of evolution can be formed to account for the similarity of molecules, for evolution necessarily implies continuous change … . The exact equality of each molecule to all others of the same kind gives it … the essential … Continue reading

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