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  • The flat earth myth

    by Jonathan Sarfati For the last 200 years or so, many anti-Christians have resorted to a scurrilous lie (acting consistently with their worldview1): that the early and medieval Christian Church taught that the earth is flat.2 One of the most prominent … Continue reading

  • Flat Gaps Between Strata

    When geologists make field observations, they typically focus on the rock before them and its color, density, mineral makeup, fossil content, and other features. But they often would be well-served by looking at the strata’s context as well. Numerous examinations … Continue reading

  • Did Noah’s Flood Cover the Himalayan Mountains?

    Few doctrines in Scripture are as clearly taught as the global nature of the Great Flood in Noah’s day. Genesis clearly teaches that “the waters . . . increased greatly . . . and the mountains were covered” (Genesis 7:18-20). Through the … Continue reading

  • How Do Rock Layers Form?

    Whenever you’ve been traveling anywhere with your family through hilly or mountainous country, the road you were on most likely ran through cuts in the hills.  These road cuts often expose a number of rock layers.  Some appear to be … Continue reading

  • On the Origin of Coal

    The term “fossil fuel” applies to organic material deposits that can burn, thus producing energy. One such fuel is coal, which is the solid altered remains of plant material, while oil and gas are the liquid and gaseous remains of … Continue reading

  • The Amazingly Designed Human Body – Part 6

    Today we will start with the Nervous System.  Simply stated, the nervous system is the super computer and network of system cables that control the entire body. The nervous system is divided into two basic systems: the central and peripheral … Continue reading

  • Big Bang Relies on Unnatural Causes

    Unnatural Causes The most fundamental axiom of science is Causality: the belief that every material effect observed must have a sufficient cause preceding or simultaneous with it (Miller, 2011). The observed motion of a cart is difficult to explain, for example, … Continue reading

  • The Amazingly Designed Human Body – Part 4

    The Muscular System Last week we took a look at the skeletal system (The Amazingly Designed Human Body – Part 3).  We saw how the bones in our body not only provide a support structure to help give us shape … Continue reading

  • Evolution’s Bait-and-Switch Tactics

    I’m sure many of you have had the experience of seeing an advertised item at a great sale price.  You hurry to the store to take advantage of this fantastic sale only to find that they are already sold out … Continue reading

  • Why Mammal Body Hair Is an Evolutionary Enigma

    Abstract Mammal body hair is a complex structure that involves several basic parts, including a shaft, a root, and a follicle. The most common theory currently in vogue is that hair evolved from reptile scales. Although both scales and hair … Continue reading

  • The Dating of Mungo Woman

    In western New South Wales, Australia, part of a semi-arid desert has been set aside as a World Heritage area.1 This may seem curious for such an inhospitable region. But there is a good reason. Evolutionists believe that the site … Continue reading

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