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Tag: extinctions

  • Paradigm Shift: Impact Didn’t Kill Dinosaurs

    A new study casts doubt on whether asteroid impacts led to extinctions.  It’s based on re-interpreting geological evidence used to identify impacts.  This finding, if sustained, would undermine the theory that an impact killed off the dinosaurs and a later … Continue reading

  • Turning an Unevolved Horseshoe Crab Into a Darwin Showpiece

    Horseshoe crabs are survivors by anyone’s measure; they have carried on their lives virtually unchanged, according to the standard evolutionary timeline, for 450 million years.  This not only points to incredible stasis against alleged forces of evolution; it also means … Continue reading

  • Did Humans Cause Dinosaur Extinctions?

    Like elephants and a few other animals, rhinoceroses are among the last of the large animals called “megafauna.” Rhinos exist in African, Indonesian, Javan, Indian, and Sumatran varieties.1 They are also among the rarest animals in the wild. The International Union … Continue reading

  • Man, Mammals, Ice Ages and “I, Sage”s

    What do scientists really know about early man and the creatures in his habitat?  Some clues can be found by following science news in a historical fashion: that is, to look for reversals of previously-held opinions, surprises in fossils, and … Continue reading

  • Whale Study Confirms Evolutionary Trees Don’t Work

    “Phylogenies,” or evolutionary trees, are diagrams that illustrate how certain plants or animals supposedly evolved and branched out from common ancestors. Charles Darwin drew one, usually referred to as his “tree of life,” in one of his notebooks. Scientists since … Continue reading

  • Stretching Credibility in Evolutionary Stories

    Improbable events happening numerous times; selective extinctions; voodoo phylogenetics – at what point do evolutionary explanations exceed the threshold of credibility a trusting public grants to the gurus of the culture, scientists? Four miracles:  Getting one central nervous system by … Continue reading

  • The Genesis Code Movie

    Big Premise, Big Budget but a Big Mistake! The Genesis Code is a full-featured film that pits the biblical six-day creation against the big bang theory of origins. In this contest, the viewer will notice that The Genesis Code never … Continue reading

  • Speciation, Biblical Knowledge and Symphonies

    Seahorses – Designed or Evolved? From Jack P: The author, R.L. David Jolly, completely misunderstands the facts of evolution. (I say facts because evolution is a fact, not just a theory.) Species “evolve” by accidentally, spontaneously changing to fill ecological … Continue reading

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