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  • Archaeopteryx – Flying Bird or Flying Dinosaur?

    One of the most famous fossils of all time is that of Archaeopteryx.  At first it was declared to be the first flying dinosaur.  Then it was declared to be a primitive bird, then a dinosaur and then a bird. … Continue reading

  • The Moon’s Former Magnetic Field

    Still a huge problem for evolutionists, but not for creationists Earth’s Moon generates no magnetic field of its own today. But in the 1970’s, Apollo astronauts brought back rock samples of the Moon’s crust that showed they formed in a … Continue reading

  • On Literary Theorists’ Approach to Genesis 1: Part 2

    Part one of this paper set out the philosophy and history that lay behind a new trend in conservative Christian efforts to dehistoricize Genesis 1. Part two will examine in detail the literary devices that Genesis 1 is mooted to … Continue reading

  • The Lost Ship Wreck of Paul: A Critique of the Video

    EXCERPT Robert Cornuke, a retired police officer and now president of the BASE Institute, has recently released a video (August 2011) about his adventures on the island of Malta. In the video he located old divers and spear fisherman on the … Continue reading

  • This Isn’t Meddling — It’s Murder

    In the name of personal preference and for social reasons, some women now demand that their multiple babies be aborted so that they will have only the one baby they want. Euphemisms are the refuge of moral cowardice, and no … Continue reading

  • Why Did Jesus Die?

    The sacrificial system and Creation In my article “An Evangelical ‘Litmus Test’” I talked about the watering down of the term “evangelical”. The “litmus test” I suggested as a mark of a true evangelical was an acceptance of a straight … Continue reading

  • Spurgeon on Artificial Worship

    I have found, in my own spiritual life, that the more rules I lay down for myself, the more sins I commit.  The habit of regular morning and evening prayer is one which is indispensable to a believer’s life, but the … Continue reading

  • The Treasures of the Snow

    Do pretty crystals prove that organization can arise spontaneously? Snow crystals are some of the most beautiful shapes that nature has to offer, and no two flakes are alike. Many evolutionists have tried to claim the order of a crystal … Continue reading

  • Discovery Channel Program: How the Universe Works

    Seems Like ‘Science’ but Really Promoting a Worldview Showing in Australia this year has been the Discovery Channel TV program How the Universe Works. The episode titled Big Bang has commentaries by theoretical physicists Profs Lawrence Krauss and Michio Kaku among others, … Continue reading

  • The Non-Evolution of Apoptosis

    The phenomenally complicated programme of cellular ‘death’, otherwise known as apoptosis, is the chief source of occupation for tens of thousands of scientific researchers. The believer in biblical creation happily ascribes praise to the omniscient Creator for the incredible designed … Continue reading

  • Controversial Discoveries Being Made by Cedarville Geologist

    Cedarville, Ohio — Dr. John Whitmore, associate professor of geology at Cedarville University, recently presented a paper on his Grand Canyon research during the annual meeting of the Geological Society of America (GSA) in Portland, Oregon, October 18-21. This annual … Continue reading

  • Two Adams, Two Covenants and Sola Fide (Part II)

    “*!&?*#!*!  Such is the popular conception of a curse—”writes Michael J. Glodo, “the mere utterance of profanities.  While our world has perfected the art of profanity, cursing is unappreciated.”[i] In some parts of the country, hurling crude and profane epithets … Continue reading

  • Aren’t all religions basically the same?

    by Daryl E. Witmer “When Christians, Jews, Buddhists, and others pray to their god, all of those individuals are actually praying to the same god, but simply using different names for that deity.” —registered opinion of four of every ten … Continue reading

  • Reading between the Giant’s Causeway basalts

    by Tas Walker One striking feature of the cliffs at Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland, is an orange bed that forms a prominent band in the sheer basalt face. This bed creates a natural bench and the cliff path follows it … Continue reading

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