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  • The Proportion of Polypeptide Chains Which Generate Native Folds

    by Royal Truman Creationist scientists and Intelligent Design proponents have drawn attention to the sparseness of native-like folded proteins among random polypeptide sequences. Contrary to this opinion, it was alleged that protein folds are very common among random amino acid chains. … Continue reading

  • Why Didn’t the Solar Storm Cause More Damage on Earth?

    Last week, the earth was struck by a significant solar storm that could have caused a lot of damage to life on earth.  We heard warnings that our cell phones could have problems and that it could even disrupt some … Continue reading

  • The Bee and the Postman

    Question: How is a bee like a postman? To answer that question, we need to look at what they both do. First, let’s consider the postman. A sender has information he wants to communicate to a recipient, so he puts … Continue reading

  • Amazing Bird Tricks

    “Angry Birds” are perhaps the best known species among electronic bird-watchers these days, but we should never forget that real birds are amazing creatures.  Incredibly diverse (think ostrich to hummingbird to penguin), they continue to fascinate scientists and laymen.  Here … Continue reading

  • Hollywood is UnAmerican

    The entertainment industry is a multi-billion dollar business. It would be difficult to measure the impact on society of the seemingly limitless forms of entertainment. More Americans voted in the 2009 American Idol contest than have voted for any U.S. President (Bella, … Continue reading

  • Inheritance of Biological Information—Part I: The Nature of Inheritance and of Information

    Creationists need to rethink their understanding of inheritance. The current secular view is based on the inadequate Mendelian (genetic) paradigm and the inadequate statistical theory of information. The new understanding needs to be based on biblical creation and Werner Gitt’s … Continue reading

  • Comparative Cytogenetics and Chromosomal Rearrangements

    Creationists accept that creatures can change over time, but a clearer understanding of the types of changes involved is necessary for a robust creation model. In creation apologetic arguments, many genetic changes are assumed to be “accidents” and the degenerative … Continue reading

  • What the Founders Said – Part I

    The several hundred men who were responsible for orchestrating the founding of America were very explicit in their pronouncements about their intentions. They left a wealth of writings that articulate their genius. Indeed, these intelligent, well-educated men combed through the … Continue reading

  • Texas Schools Seek Science Supplements

    Texas adopted new science standards for K-12 public schools in 2009, but the state did not have enough funds to purchase new science textbooks that covered all the information that students would be responsible to know. “So, the board has … Continue reading

  • Evaluating Real vs. Apparent Design

    by Randy J. Guliuzza, P.E., M.D. Everyone has some unhealthy habits and the best way to achieve long-term freedom from them is not to “drop” them but to “replace” them with something better. The freedom-through-replacement reality is also useful during … Continue reading

  • The Specified Complexity of Retinal Imagery

    by David E. Stoltzmann Abstract An optical image is a very organized and specified collection of information governed by the laws of optics. The formation of an image, and its correct interpretation by sighted living creatures, is a unique example … Continue reading

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