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  • Do Christians worship the one and only God?

    D.H. from Canada writes: I know this isn’t science related but I’m hoping you guys can help me. I’ve been a Christian for a long time and I thought I knew how to answer most questions. Because of your ministry … Continue reading

  • Exposition of Romans – Part 65

    No Condemnation Now and Forever: Why the Federal Vision is Really the Federal Fog Text: Romans 8:1 Introduction:  This marvelous chapter, as we noted earlier, begins with “no condemnation” and ends with “no separation.”  This is so because of the … Continue reading

  • Why Do Scientists Trust Flawed Methods?

    by Brian Thomas, M.S. Last month, the Creation Q & A column briefly answered the following question: Does radioisotope dating prove that the earth is millions of years old? We offered four reasons why radioisotope dating does not work.1 Whenever this information is … Continue reading

  • Exposition of Romans – Part 2

    The Aim of the Gospel Text: Romans 1:5-7 The Apostle Paul has declared in Romans 1:1-4 his theme for Romans, The Gospel of God, which has as its focus the glorious Person and work of God’s Son, Jesus Christ. This … Continue reading

  • Christopher Hitchens: Staring Death in the Face

    And the difference that Biblical Creation makes!1 Preliminary comment Having failed in his fight against oesophageal cancer, well-known misotheist2 Christopher Hitchens died on 15 December at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. In an article in a … Continue reading

  • What’s in a Name?

    The terms for God in Genesis 1 and 2: no contradiction! In Biblical times a person’s name had deep significance and was often an expression of his or her origin, character or destiny.1 There are many terms for God in the … Continue reading

  • Doom and Gloom From the BBC

    Comment on Wonders of the Universe: Destiny This is a BBC TV program on evolution, the universe and us, broadcast in the UK in March 2011; and in Australia and the USA in July. It is narrated by particle physicist, Professor … Continue reading

  • Was George Washington a Deist?

    Secular revisionists have been fervently working to re-write American history.  Their goal is to remove all vestiges of Christianity and the Bible from our nation’s history.  In the process, they are actively trying to portray many of the Founding Fathers … Continue reading

  • A Soul’s Salvation Could Hinge On the Earth’s Age

    For over three decades, Apologetics Press has contended that the Earth’s age is a topic of great importance. A straightforward reading of Genesis leads the reader to the conclusion that God created the entire Universe in six, literal 24-hour days … Continue reading

  • Daily Devotional: Persecuted and Blessed

    June 9 We are afflicted in every way, but not crushed; perplexed, but not driven to despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed. 2 Corinthians 4:8-9 If the world cannot enthrall us with its delights and draw us into its … Continue reading

  • America, the Ten Commandments, and the Culture War

    No one can doubt that the United States of America is in the midst of a culture war. This war has been going on for over forty years. The war is between two opposing forces. On the one hand, there … Continue reading

  • Doctrine of God – Part 11

    The Deity of Christ: Some Important Terms Introduction: Does it really matter what we believe?  One person believes this, another believes something else—”so what?–as long as they are sincere, that is all that matters.” This is a fairly typical response … Continue reading

  • Darwinism and World War One

    The evolutionary ideas of Charles Darwin (1809–1882) destructively influenced many of the Western world’s leaders in the early 20thcentury. In particular, intellectuals in Germany were among the earliest to embrace Darwinism enthusiastically, and to apply its concept of the survival … Continue reading

  • Dealing With Difficult Issues

    So often, when out on ministry, people love to share the highs and lows of their witnessing experiences with us—we get to hear lots of interesting stories. One difficulty we often hear goes something like this: ‘I often try to … Continue reading

  • Creation Rescued Me From Drugs

    I believed in the theory of evolution until I was about 30 years old. A basic acceptance of what I had been taught at school produced in me a conviction that our origins were essentially chemical, whether or not God … Continue reading

  • Saving the Other Patient

    Lita Cosner Chats with Prenatal Medical Researcher Dr Larry Thaete Dr Larry Thaete received a Ph.D. in Molecular and Cellular Biology and Pathobiology from the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston. He works as a medical research scientist researching … Continue reading

  • Is Jesus Christ God?

    by Rev. Gary W. Jensen, M.Div. “The Christian faith has not been tried and found wanting. It has rather been found difficult and left untried.”     —Chesterton The story of Jesus is either the greatest event in history or the cruelest … Continue reading

  • Apologetics = Defending the Faith – Part 10

    DEFENDING GOD’S RIGHTS (PART II) INTRODUCTION: There are really only two religions in the world. One is God-centered and the other is man-centered (and, of course, this has developed into what we know today as the various world religions). The … Continue reading

  • Apologetics = Defending the Faith – Part 9

    DEFENDING GOD’S RIGHTS (Part I)  INTRODUCTION: Charles Spurgeon, that great preacher of the last century, tells a story of an encounter that he had with an Arminian.[1] “I recollect an Arminian brother telling me that he had read the Scriptures … Continue reading

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