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  • Daily Devotional: Opposing Evil

    July 1 But I say to you, Do not resist the one who is evil. But if anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also.  And if anyone would sue you and take your tunic, let him have your cloak … Continue reading

  • ‘Useful Idiot’—Who, Me?

    Objections From ‘Atheist Spat’ Article In response to the article on a spat between New Atheists vs their bedfellows in the NCSE/BCSE, theistic evolutionist Richard M. complains about the use of the term “useful idiot” and claims that CMI denigrates science … Continue reading

  • New Sky Map Shows Big Bang Even More Unlikely

    Few questions hold more intrigue than that of how the universe began. Although the Bible provides a written account of this obviously miraculous event, some reject it and try to explain the origin of the universe without either miracles or … Continue reading

  • John Quincy Adams on Islam

    The average American’s lack of awareness of the past has left our nation in an extremely vulnerable position. The multi-culturalism, pluralism, “diversity,” and political correctness that now blanket American culture mean that many are oblivious to and unconcerned about the … Continue reading

  • A Well-Watered Land: Effects of the Genesis Flood on Precipitation in the Middle East

    Scripture and paleoclimatology indicate that the Middle East had more trees and grass in the past. Several theories suggest that the climate is drier today because of overgrazing, cutting of forests, or geological change. However, no one has seriously considered … Continue reading

  • Genesis Is History, Not Poetry

    Exposing Hidden Assumptions about What Hebrew Poetry Is and Is Not “Why are you guys so literalistic about Genesis? Don’t you know that it’s just Hebrew poetry? There’s no need to treat it like real history!” This was the smug … Continue reading

  • Why Don’t Reindeer Go Snow Blind?

    Intense and prolonged ultraviolet or UV light can cause permanent damage to the retina of the eyes of most mammals and humans.  Fortunately, the lens and cornea have a built in protective mechanism that filters out most of the UV … Continue reading

  • Mars: The red planet

    MARS is the famous “red planet”, and is not surprisingly named after the Roman god of war. The fourth planet from the sun, it can approach the third planet, Earth, as closely as 54.5 million kilometres (33.9 million miles). Of … Continue reading

  • Naturalism Doesn’t Work

    Although naturalism might work with purely observable phenomena, it does not work with origins science and evolutionary biology, which are essentially historical sciences. The historicity of evolutionary biology is explained by Ernst Mayr in his article in the July 2000 … Continue reading

  • Doctrine of God – Part 13

    Carmen Christi: Hymn[1] to Christ as to God (Part I) Introduction: I originally wrote an article for Viewpoint in May/June of 1998 on the WWJD craze (that has not gone away). I argued in that article that the whole concept … Continue reading

  • “Living Fossils”—Evolution’s Innate Circular Reasoning

    Another earthshaking find within the evolutionary community only spotlights once again the inherent irrationality of the faltering, fallacious theory. During a Southeast Asian expedition, retired Florida State University science professor, David Redfield, captured the first photos of the Laotian rock … Continue reading

  • ‘Periodic Table for Flies’ Is Guesswork, Not Science

    Researchers have constructed a new evolutionary tree for flies that purports to show which types of fly likely evolved into other types. Researchers call this map the “new periodic table for flies.”1 But this is misleading, since the table is … Continue reading

  • John Stott on Works

    To preach salvation by good works is to flatter people and so avoid opposition.  This may seem to some to pose the alternative too starkly.  But I do not think so.  All Christian preachers have to face this issue.  Either … Continue reading

  • Darwin, Evolution, and Racism

    by Eric Lyons The creation and evolution models stand in stark contradistinction in many ways. One model suggests the Universe is the product of an infinite, eternal, omnipotent Creator; the other credits time and random chance processes for the Universe … Continue reading

  • Physicist Questions Gravity’s Existence

    by Brian Thomas Does gravity exist? While few would deny that objects attract at-a-distance, some physicists are questioning whether or not this universally observed effect is caused by a stand-alone force called “gravity.” The root causes of this well-established law … Continue reading

  • Apologetics = Defending the Faith – Part 6

    BEFORE YOU CAN DEFEND AND CONTEND YOU HAVE TO KNOW THE FAITH INTRODUCTION: Whenever the church as a whole has neglected doctrine and emphasized other things (some of which have their proper place in the life of the church, i.e. … Continue reading

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