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  • Dr. Colin Patterson on Evolutionary Transitions

    Dr. Colin Patterson, a senior paleontologist at the British Museum (Natural History), was asked by Luther D. Sunderland why no evolutionary transitions were included in Dr. Patterson’s recent book, Evolution. In a personal letter, Patterson said: “I fully agree with … Continue reading

  • Holy books?

    Which one are you going to trust? by David Catchpoole Often objectors to Christianity will say something like: ‘You Christians claim the Bible is holy but that the holy books of other religions are not! But the Hindu Vedas and the … Continue reading

  • 7 Creation Miracles of Christ

    No star. No angels. No shepherds. No wise men. No mention of Bethlehem or Mary and Joseph. No compelling story of the babe in a manger. No genealogy of Jesus to introduce His birth. No elaborate “Christmas Story” describing the … Continue reading

  • Why Doesn’t CMI Take a Position on … ?

    The rationale behind CMI’s focus CMI fans (and even opponents) are sometimes keen for CMI to take a ministry position on their own favorite topic. But like most organizations, Creation Ministries International (CMI) has a special focus. Especially because it … Continue reading

  • Christian Professor Claims Genetics Disproves Historical Adam

    National Public Radio recently interviewed Trinity Western University biologist Dennis Venema, who stated his belief that humans did not descend from Adam and Eve.1 Venema, an evangelical evolutionist, claimed that genetics studies show “there is no way we can be traced … Continue reading

  • Did Jesus Rise “On” or “After” the Third Day?

    The most frequent reference to Jesus’ resurrection reveals that He rose from the grave on the third day of His entombment. Matthew, Mark, and Luke all record Jesus as prophesying that He would arise from the grave on this day (Matthew … Continue reading

  • Are You a Patriot?

    A rather incongruous situation exists among America’s politicians, judges, academicians, and even many of the rank and file Americans. On the one hand, they claim to be true Americans—genuine patriots. On the other hand, they disdain Christianity and live contrary … Continue reading

  • Is God Science Reading Genesis 1 ‘Properly’?

    The DVD God Science1 addresses the conflict between the Bible and ‘science’, a vital issue for Christian young people. They often flounder at high school and university when they encounter secular ideas that contradict what they have been taught at church. … Continue reading

  • Jesus Was Rational

    A study of the life of Christ on Earth quickly reveals that Jesus functioned rationally, logically, and sensibly. Unlike many religious people who claim to represent Him, Jesus possessed high respect for doctrinal correctness (after all, He authored the Law!). … Continue reading

  • Doctrine of God – Part 15

    Carmen Christi: Hymn to Christ as to God (Part III) Introduction: There is a famous medieval treatise, written by Anselm, one of the great theologians of the church which is called, Cur Deus Homo (“Why Did God Become Man?”) The … Continue reading

  • Mars as Anomalous Runt

    The Mars rover Spirit is now dead in its tracks (JPL) but the planet under it continues to rumble, in theoretical overhauls and anomalies.  Mars has been much on the mind of news reporters this week after a new paper … Continue reading

  • Chemist Champions Creationist Cause

    Chemists in stew about intelligent design The article seemed to contradict itself. It appeared in the April 2007 issue of Chemistry in Australia, the journal of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI), and began: ‘One rarely reads creationist perspectives on science … Continue reading

  • Does Genetics Point to a Single Primal Couple?

    A response to claims to the contrary from BioLogos Jon P., from the United States, wrote in with questions about a recent article on our site titled Adam, Eve and Noah vs. Modern Genetics. He first quotes from the CMI article, then … Continue reading

  • Geology and the Young Earth

    Answering Those ‘Bible-believing’ Bibliosceptics The hand-written note pinned to some photocopied pages was typical. ‘I wonder if you could help with a geological problem?’ The writer, who identified himself as a Bible-believing Christian, was confused. He had just encountered some … Continue reading

  • Billion-Dollar Space Image Is Open to Interpretation

    After a year of image capturing, many years of planning, and a billion dollars of research spending, the European Space Agency’s Planck satellite telescope has produced the first ever image of the entire sky. The Planck “all-sky survey”1 was taken … Continue reading

  • ‘Christian’ vs Evolutionary Atrocities

    This correspondent, Jeff D. from the USA, objects to our articleDarwin’s bodysnatchers: new horrors: People deliberately killed to provide ‘specimens’ for evolutionary research. But these are tired old canards that Christians do bad things themselves, and in any case, the … Continue reading

  • Does Denying the Existence of Alien Life ‘Limit God’?

    The article Did God create life on other planets? has generated more feedback than possibly any other article on our website. Mark W. wrote in, agreeing that the article made sense from a biblical perspective, but disagreeing that the Bible disallows … Continue reading

  • The Dating of Mungo Woman

    In western New South Wales, Australia, part of a semi-arid desert has been set aside as a World Heritage area.1 This may seem curious for such an inhospitable region. But there is a good reason. Evolutionists believe that the site … Continue reading

  • Timing of Events in Noah’s Life

    This friendly exchange between Brian D of the USA and Dr Jonathan Sarfati of CMI-US (formerly CMI-Au) concerns chronological aspects of the time line of the Flood and Noah’s life. Not that I should consider myself greater than Ussher or … Continue reading

  • Morality and Salvation Minus History Equals Ignorance and Unbelief

    Smiling broadly, the middle-aged gentleman extended his hand and shook mine warmly. So I was somewhat taken aback when he said: “I disagree with just about everything you’ve said today.” This was immediately following my CMI presentation1 at his church. … Continue reading

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