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  • Richard Dawkins Explains Why He Doesn’t Debate Young Earth Creationists

    BY STOYAN ZAIMOV , CHRISTIAN POST REPORTER Evolutionary biologist and atheist author Richard Dawkins has revealed in an interview why he doesn’t debate people who believe in the Young Earth creation theory, stating that simply engaging them on a platform allows them to … Continue reading

  • Remembering Dr. Duane T. Gish, Creation’s ‘Bulldog’

    A mixture of sorrow and thankfulness comes over the Institute for Creation Research family as we note the passing of Dr. Duane Gish on March 5, 2013. Dr. Gish has been a champion of creation at ICR for decades, and … Continue reading

  • Public Education—A Form of Child Sacrifice

    *by Wes Moore I had just walked into the church building. Out of one ear I heard a lady ask, “Any kids today?” “No,” the other lady replied. “None yet.” This was a conversation between two senior adults just before … Continue reading

  • The Family Torn Apart — Richard Wolff on Economics and Family Life

    Though this may surprise some readers, liberal and conservative economists often agree on the nature of the problems posed by various economic practices, even as they vigorously disagree about the solutions to those problems. Richard Wolff is a man of … Continue reading

  • Responding to Common Atheistic Arguments

    This latest feedback deals with responding to common atheistic arguments. CMI’s Dr Jonathan Sarfati and Dr Robert Carter respond. Matthew F. from the United States writes: I’d like to go ahead and say that your website has helped me strengthen my Christian faith greatly … Continue reading

  • John C. Eccles, Nobel Laureate and Darwin Doubter

    John Eccles was one of the world’s leading neurophysiologists. After a lifetime of research and scientific publication that culminated in a Nobel prize and a knighthood, he concluded that only a divine creator can explain the existence of the human … Continue reading

  • Man on a Darwin Mission

    When you think of helping people in the inner city, do you think of Darwin?  Probably what comes to mind are religious missions, government social workers, the Red Cross, the Peace Corps, or UNESCO.  David Sloan Wilson, author of Evolution for … Continue reading

  • Wrong Again: Planetologists Embarrassed

    In most careers, being wrong too often is grounds for dismissal.  False prophets in ancient kingdoms were stoned or shamed out of town.  Only in science, it seems, can experts consistently get it wrong, and not only keep their jobs, … Continue reading

  • Nuclear Physicist Embraces Biblical Creation

    Jonathan Sarfati Chats with Dr Jim Mason Dr Jim Mason has a B.Sc. in Engineering Physics from Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada, and a Ph.D. in Experimental Nuclear Physics from McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. He had a 37-year engineering and … Continue reading

  • Theologian ≠ Biologist

    As articles post on our website, they automatically post on our Facebook page.  This week’s Feed Back concerns Facebook comments made concerning an article from Creation.com about C.S. Lewis (C.S. Lewis: Creationist and Anti-Evolutionist) that was posted on this week.  … Continue reading

  • ISCAST, CASE and New College: It’s time to return to the Word of God!

    The topic of a lecture advertised for 18 July 2011 caught my attention, “How we became human from the beginning: the current evidence and what may a Christian make of it?”1 It’s one of the regular lectures hosted jointly by … Continue reading

  • C.S. Lewis: Creationist and Anti-Evolutionist

    Oxford University professor C.S. Lewis was one of the most important Christian apologists of the last century. Toward the end of his career, he concluded that the modern theory of evolutionary naturalism is “pure hallucination”. Lewis detailed the reasons for … Continue reading

  • Geologic Catastrophe and the Young Earth

    Tas Walker Talks to Steve Austin About his Research Career in Flood Geology Geologist Dr. Steven A. Austin has rafted through Grand Canyon, helicoptered into the Mount St. Helens volcano, and flown onto glaciers in Alaska. He is currently Senior Research … Continue reading

  • Do Creationists Abandon Their Inquisitive Nature?

    Some of the most common statements I see from opponents are that creationists have turned their minds off, they don’t think, they refuse to see the evidence, they are ignorant, and that no reputable scientist would believe in a young … Continue reading

  • Recovery From Evolution

    Hearing a scientist describe himself, smilingly, as a ‘recovered evolutionist’ was a first for me. I was speaking to Dr Alan Galbraith, whose Ph.D. in watershed science is from Colorado State University. He told me that he had been an … Continue reading

  • Darwin’s Mentors

    How Clergymen Unwittingly Helped Pave the Way for Evolution Two men who greatly influenced Charles Darwin during his lifetime were clergymen who were also scientists. This is despite the fact that both men were anti-evolutionists. These were his life-time friend, … Continue reading

  • A Time to Keep Silent, and a Time to Speak

    One of the most defining and demanding statements that our Lord Jesus made about Himself remains an inescapable truth to this day: “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me” … Continue reading

  • Dr. Wayne Frair: Creationist Pioneer

    My Experiences as a Creationist Student in Zoology Departments of Several Universities [Editor’s note: This is somewhat different from most of our web articles, but we feel privileged to have this contribution from creationist biologist Dr Frair. He is one … Continue reading

  • Evolutionist Science Journal Gives Exciting Support to Creationist Cosmology!

    Is the Wind Beginning to Shift Against the Big Bang? The prestigious Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences has published a revolutionary paper1 which (probably unwittingly) gives powerful support to the basic principles of Dr Russell Humphreys’ creationist cosmology. … Continue reading

  • Expert Engineer Eschews “Evolutionary Design”

    Philip Bell Interviews Creationist and Professor1 of Engineering Design, Stuart Burgess Prof. Stuart Burgess, BSc, PhD(Brun), CEng, FIMechE, is Professor of Engineering Design, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Bristol (UK). He is a world expert on biomimetics (imitating design … Continue reading

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