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  • Rethinking Carbon-14 Dating: What Does It Really Tell Us about the Age of the Earth?

    by Jake Hebert, Ph.D. Evolutionists have long used the carbon-14, or radiocarbon, dating technique as a “hammer” to bludgeon Bible-believing Christians. A straightforward reading of the Bible describes a 6,000-year-old universe, and because some carbon-14 (14C) age estimates are multiple … Continue reading

  • Was Charlemagne Protected from a Cosmic Disaster? A Carbon-14 Mystery

    By David Coppedge Tree ring data from the 8th century hint that a cosmic catastrophe was averted on the “privileged planet.” As if you didn’t have enough to worry about, there are things out there that could kill us.  Asteroids … Continue reading

  • Andrew Maxwell’s Carbon Dating Blooper on his BBC Conspiracy Road Trip

    By Tas Walker As part of his BBC Conspiracy Road Trip (shown in October 2012), comedian Andrew Maxwell took his creationist team to visit professor of evolutionary biology Tim White in the US. At around 44:40 Andrew goes on about “evidence” as … Continue reading

  • Human Poop Dated to 13,200 Years Ago

    Archaeologist Dennis Jenkins from the University of Oregon led a team of researchers to study ancient artifacts in Paisley Cave in south-central Oregon.  Digging down to a depth of nearly 7 feet, the team discovered stone points used for spears … Continue reading

  • Evolution and Carbon-14 Dating

    According to evolutionary scientists, radiocarbon dating (also known as carbon-14 dating) is totally ineffective in measuring time when dealing with millions of years. In his 2000 book, Genes, People, and Languages, renowned Stanford University geneticist Luigi Cavalli-Sforza, in a discussion on … Continue reading

  • Radioactive Dating Methods

    Ways they make conflicting results tell the same story When it comes to measuring the ages of things, we are told that there are a dozen different radioactive dating methods and that they all give the same answer. Do they? … Continue reading

  • Does Carbon Dating Prove the Earth is Millions of Years Old?

    Whenever the worldview of evolution is questioned, the topic of carbon dating always comes up. Here is how carbon dating works and the assumptions it is based upon. How Carbon Dating Works Radiation from the sun strikes the atmosphere of … Continue reading

  • Nuclear Physicist Embraces Biblical Creation

    Jonathan Sarfati Chats with Dr Jim Mason Dr Jim Mason has a B.Sc. in Engineering Physics from Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada, and a Ph.D. in Experimental Nuclear Physics from McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. He had a 37-year engineering and … Continue reading

  • Theistic Evolution, Eating Meat and Archaeological Dating

    This week, we received several e-mails that we felt warranted a public response as others will be interested in the topics and responses.  The first e-mail is about how to reach your pastor who believes in theistic evolution.  The second … Continue reading

  • Wrong Assumptions in C-14 Dating Methods

    Atmospheric C-14 is in equilibrium This assumption is wrong. It has been estimated that the C-14 in the earth’s atmosphere would reach equilibrium (the formation rate would be equal to the decay rate) in about 30,000 years. The amount of … Continue reading

  • Dealing With Difficult Issues

    So often, when out on ministry, people love to share the highs and lows of their witnessing experiences with us—we get to hear lots of interesting stories. One difficulty we often hear goes something like this: ‘I often try to … Continue reading

  • The Dating of Mungo Woman

    In western New South Wales, Australia, part of a semi-arid desert has been set aside as a World Heritage area.1 This may seem curious for such an inhospitable region. But there is a good reason. Evolutionists believe that the site … Continue reading

  • Paleozoic Scorpion Exoskeleton Gainsays Assigned Age

    Among land-dwelling arthropods, the sheer number of just ants and beetles that live and die each year is phenomenal. And ocean krill exist in even higher numbers. Each of these creatures leaves behind an exoskeleton. If it were not for … Continue reading

  • The Black Sea flood may evaporate completely

    by Tas Walker In the late 1990s, two marine geologists, William Ryan and Walter Pitman, claimed to have found evidence that there was a catastrophic flooding of the Black Sea area about 7,600 years ago.1 Their idea became well known … Continue reading

  • Feedback – Innuendos, Misinformation & Uninformed

    Does Noah’s Ark Still Exist? From Randy: This article seems like it was written by Gary DeMar, which also believes that the Church has replaced the nation of Israel as far as end-time prophecy is concerned! The replacement theology is … Continue reading

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