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  • Digs 2014: Layers of Meaning

    By: Noah Wiener BAR readers are familiar with a common archaeological fairy tale: The first discovery of an ancient artifact opens a majestic bridge to the past. This lovely trope ends with the archaeologist and artifact living happily ever after. But … Continue reading

  • Is Science a Special Interest Group for One Party?

    A commentator in the world’s leading science journal advised that science needs to work harder at becoming bipartisan. Daniel Sarewitz, whose pointed commentaries are often critical of science as it is compared to how it should be, wrote a disturbing … Continue reading

  • Did the ‘God Particle’ Create Matter?

    Introduction The book of Genesis is probably the most important book ever written. In reality, it’s the foundation of all true history and true science. Above all else, it’s the foundation of God’s revelation, as given in the Bible. If … Continue reading

  • Semantics, Variation and Migration

    This week I am responding to a comment left on Facebook and two left on the Creation Revolution website.  I hope you all find the responses helpful. From Facebook: Common Sense, Miracles, and the Apparent Age of the Earth From … Continue reading

  • Martyrium of Apostle Philip Found

    For more than fifty years an Italian archaeological mission has excavated at the ancient site of Hierapolis, Turkey, 250 km. east of Izmir in the western section of the country. The ancient importance of the city was such that the … Continue reading

  • Darwin’s “Savages”

    Darwin supported a missionary society for years—but why? On 17 December 1832, Charles Darwin arrived in Tierra del Fuego1 at the southernmost tip of South America, as part of his world tour aboard H.M.S. Beagle. Here he got his first view … Continue reading

  • ‘The People Who Walk Backwards into the Future.’

    An interview with Mark Chapman, a missionary who tells of using Genesis to reach an animist people. Russell Grigg: Mark, please tell us about the Tigwa people. Mark Chapman: They are a tribe of about 10,000 animists who are part … Continue reading

  • Human Foot Bone Misidentified as Lucy’s

    For years, museum displays have featured the small extinct ape Australopithecus afarensis. The first specimen, discovered in 1974 and nicknamed “Lucy,” was presented as having clearly human eyes, feet, and posture. The feet and posture, however, can only be verified … Continue reading

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