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  • Designer Cats Support Biblical Model of Created Kinds

    If you heard someone mention the word cat, what do you think of?  Chances are, you will think of some type of house cat – a pet.  A tabby? A Siamese?  Or perhaps a Maine Coon? Now these days, you … Continue reading

  • Changes: Big and Small

    by A.P. Staff The word “evolution” can have many different meanings. Basically, the word means “to unroll, unfold, or change.” Anything can “evolve” or change over a period of time. For instance, the body style of the Corvette® certainly has … Continue reading

  • 9,000 Miles and 6 Generations – The Migration of Painted Lady Butterflies

    By R. L. David Jolly It has long been believed that monarch butterflies had the longest migration of any butterfly as they fly from Mexico to the coasts of California and on to Canada.  However, recent studies have revealed that … Continue reading

  • If Dogs Evolved From Wolves, Why Are Wolves Still With Us?

    One of our faithful Facebook followers, Peggy L, asked a very good question that I’ve heard often and thought I would take a few moments on this Thanksgiving weekend to respond to her. How Did Wolves Become Dogs? From: Peggy … Continue reading

  • Battered Asteroid a Sign of Scientist’s Faith

    While searching for topics to write about, I saw a headline that caught my attention: Battered asteroid Lutetia a rare relic of Earth’s birth.  The science in the article was quite interesting, but like so many other reports of scientific … Continue reading

  • Religious Spin Merchants

    Stopping the ‘spin cycle’ A ‘spin’ peeler, like the old potato peeler, seems to be essential equipment in today’s society. There is a new breed of professionals out there who specialise in gift-wrapping various political and commercial agendas with layers … Continue reading

  • ‘Parade of Mutants’—Pedigree Dogs and Artificial Selection

    When choosing a pet, many people opt for purebred pedigree dogs. Though they come at a price, it is easier to predict the eventual size, temperament, and needs of a purebred dog breed than for a ‘mutt’. But as a … Continue reading

  • Camas, Zorses and Wholphins

    Have you ever wondered how we got so many animals that look similar to each other but are also different? For example, camels and llamas.  They live on different continents, yet are able to breed together and produce young.  Dromedary … Continue reading

  • Mars as Anomalous Runt

    The Mars rover Spirit is now dead in its tracks (JPL) but the planet under it continues to rumble, in theoretical overhauls and anomalies.  Mars has been much on the mind of news reporters this week after a new paper … Continue reading

  • Mammoth—Riddle of the Ice Age

    News recently flashed around the world of what many scientists hoped to be a nearly whole mammoth, found in permafrost in the Taymyr Peninsula in northern Siberia.1,2 Once again fascinated, people asked: ‘What exactly are mammoths?’, ‘Where did they come … Continue reading

  • Evolution’s Bait-and-Switch Tactics

    I’m sure many of you have had the experience of seeing an advertised item at a great sale price.  You hurry to the store to take advantage of this fantastic sale only to find that they are already sold out … Continue reading

  • Sea Monsters … More Than a Legend?

    Tales of Unknown Creatures Make Sense in a Biblical Framework of History. Reports of unknown monsters of the deep have been a part of sea lore for hundreds of years, but very little attention has been paid to such tales … Continue reading

  • Butterfly Mimicry Is Based on Elegant Genetic Switches

    Two species of passion-vine butterflies share the same wing patterns and coloring, which some scientists believe provide “some of the most striking examples of adaptation by natural selection.”1 But specifically how these patterns emerged through natural selection has not been … Continue reading

  • Chambered Nautilus Study Offers Clue to Ammonite Extinction

    The chambered nautilus, also known as the pearly nautilus, is a mollusk with a beautiful, symmetrical shell that is divided into buoyancy-controlling chambers. Few of these amazing sea creatures remain, apparently due to over-harvesting because their shells are popular novelties. … Continue reading

  • Creationists are slightly bonkers, says award-winning BBC broadcaster

    by Dominic Statham In yet another example of biased broadcasting,1 the BBC’s John Humphrys declared all who doubt the Darwinian paradigm to be a bit crazy. While interviewing two leading ‘evolutionary biologists’, Dr Anjali Goswami of University College London and … Continue reading

  • Animals by Design

    Do you have a favorite animal that you would like me to write about in future Articles for Kids?  If so, please write me at [email protected] and type in “Favorite Animal” in the subject box and I will do my … Continue reading

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