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  • Think Before You Swat: The Genius of Insects

    Remember the days when you assembled model aircraft after Christmas or a birthday, and hung them proudly from the bedroom ceiling? If you were especially skilled, you assembled ones that could actually fly. You would be the first to boast … Continue reading

  • Beetles … nature’s workaholics

    by Paula Weston Although many of us may prefer to keep our distance from beetles, a close look at these tireless toilers is a rewarding exercise. Coming in all shapes and sizes, beetles are part of the largest order of insects.1 The … Continue reading

  • The Unpredictable Pattern of Bioluminescence

    by Brian Thomas, M.S. Three of my daughters took a night swim in a bioluminescent bay during a mission trip to Puerto Rico in 2012. They splashed water on their heads and watched their hair glow green from countless tiny … Continue reading

  • Scientific Findings Can Be Counterintuitive

    By David Coppedge Here are examples of recent claims in science that seem to contradict what some would consider intuitively obvious.  They should be kept in mind when evaluating other widely-accepted scientific truisms, like evolution. PhysOrg: Tough love, not small, … Continue reading

  • Firefly lanterns inspire LED lenses

    We have often reported on human designers copying the designs in nature.1 One promising field is how organisms generate and manipulate light. Bioluminescence, such as in fireflies and octopuses,2 generates light from chemicals very efficiently. Some butterfly wings reflect light in spectacular … Continue reading

  • Papua New Guinea’s Unique Poisonous Bird

    When you think of poisonous animals, you generally think of snakes, spiders and various marine life like pufferfish.  Some people may think of some of the odder poisonous animals like poison dart frogs and the platypus.  But who would ever … Continue reading

  • More Olympic Creatures

    Plants and animals continue to amaze us with their Olympic-level abilities.  New observations promote some to the award stand. Diving:  For the first time, scientists succeeded in mounting a small video camera to the back of an imperial cormorant on … Continue reading

  • The Gecko Declares God’s Glory

    by Eric Lyons, M.Min. You may think that geckos are merely cute, little lizards that occasionally appear in car insurance but the truth is, these remarkable reptiles are loaded with design. In a way, they are like miniature superheroes that … Continue reading

  • Hairy Friends From Our Nightmares

    The Black Widow is the most poisonous spider in North America, and the Brazilian Wandering spider is the most poisonous in the world—responsible for the most human deaths caused by spiders. However, the spider that is arguably the largest in … Continue reading

  • Amazing Adaptations

    All biologists agree – creationists and evolutionists alike – that organisms show remarkable adaptations to their environment.  They differ only in their explanations for how they got that way.  Here are some remarkable examples of adaptation that will challenge any … Continue reading

  • 8.7 Million Species Is Not a Scientific Fact

    Human beings love to classify things.  We pigeonhole items into bins of our own making, for whatever the reason, to give us a feeling of having things organized and understood.   Do our pigeonholes reflect categories that are “out there” in … Continue reading

  • The Evolution of… Come Again?

    Science news articles speak freely of the evolution of this or that, but the fine print often shows a disconnect with the evolution explanation.  Can one speak of the evolution of something that has not changed for millions or years?  … Continue reading

  • Poison-Resistant Tomcods and the Meaning of ‘Evolution’

    In response to the article on the mutated tomcod fish in the polluted Hudson River, evolution-defender Steven L. wrote in claiming that it contained “blatant mistakes” and gave substantial detail and detailed reasons. We first publish his email intact, then again … Continue reading

  • Paleozoic Scorpion Exoskeleton Gainsays Assigned Age

    Among land-dwelling arthropods, the sheer number of just ants and beetles that live and die each year is phenomenal. And ocean krill exist in even higher numbers. Each of these creatures leaves behind an exoskeleton. If it were not for … Continue reading

  • Molecular Equidistance: The Echo of Discontinuity?

    The ICR life sciences research team is using sequence alignments to re-examine published molecular data and look for evidence of discontinuity.1 One of our preliminary findings has fascinating implications for the biblical model of origins. A previous article displayed a … Continue reading

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