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  • Epigenetic Study Produces ‘Backwards’ Human-Ape Tree

    by Jeffrey Tomkins, Ph.D. A recently published study in the epigenetic modification of DNA regions similar among humans and three different apes not only provided a completely mixed up picture of evolution, but one that was entirely backwards.1 Epigenetic modifications … Continue reading

  • Bewildering Pseudogene Functions Both Forwards and Backwards

    by Jeffrey Tomkins, Ph.D. Not only have many pseudogenes been proven to be highly functional, a recent study has unveiled mind-boggling complexity behind the PTEN pseudogene, showing that it functions both forwards and backwards as part of an intricate gene … Continue reading

  • Chronological Order in Genesis 1

    Big bang beginnings and days before the sun Dr Carl Wieland answers some questions raised by Russell Grigg’s article Discovery Channel program: How the Universe Works. Larry G. from the United States wrote in response to our article Discovery Channel program: How the Universe Works. Dr … Continue reading

  • The Amazingly Designed Human Body – Part 20

    The Amazingly Designed Human Body – Part 20   The Sense of Sight Of the five basic senses, none is more miraculous than the sense of sight.  For over a century, Bible believing creationists have used the complexity of the … Continue reading

  • The Human Mutation Clock Is Ticking

    With more samples of human genomes now available, researchers are able to find solutions to questions that just a few years ago they could only dream of answering. For example, how many new mutations—copying errors within both of each individual’s … Continue reading

  • Retroactive Death!

    What’s Wrong With That? Christian comedian Tim Hawkins discusses a skit where he describes his mom spanking him for something he didn’t do. Wondering why she doesn’t seem remorseful after discovering he wasn’t at fault she says “That’s for something you’ll … Continue reading

  • Soldiers and Scoffers

    This week’s correspondence illustrates some of the reasons why CMI exists: to give aid to believers in war of ideas where they are, and to stand as a public challenge to scoffers. CMI’s Dr Don Batten and Dr Tas Walker respond. Neville … Continue reading

  • The Exquisitely Designed Human Eye

    The gift of sight is one of the most incredible miracles of the human body.  Being able to see the world around us allows us to perceived, understand and appreciate so much of God’s creation.  If you ever want to … Continue reading

  • ‘The People Who Walk Backwards into the Future.’

    An interview with Mark Chapman, a missionary who tells of using Genesis to reach an animist people. Russell Grigg: Mark, please tell us about the Tigwa people. Mark Chapman: They are a tribe of about 10,000 animists who are part … Continue reading

  • Sight and the Centre of the Universe

    This week’s feedback deals with two topics, Dr John Hartnett answers Frank T. from Canada about whether we need to know how close Earth was to the centre of the universe in the beginning, and Dr Jonathan Sarfati answers Thomas D. from Germany … Continue reading

  • Why a Butterfly Flutters By

    Have you ever thought that the butterfly, with its jerky fluttering flight, is a ‘primitive’ and inefficient flyer? After all, its wings don’t look even remotely aerodynamic, compared to the beautifully streamlined ‘aerofoil’ wings of birds and airplanes. Indeed, just … Continue reading

  • Chambered Nautilus Study Offers Clue to Ammonite Extinction

    The chambered nautilus, also known as the pearly nautilus, is a mollusk with a beautiful, symmetrical shell that is divided into buoyancy-controlling chambers. Few of these amazing sea creatures remain, apparently due to over-harvesting because their shells are popular novelties. … Continue reading

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