A leading evangelical institution runs evolution-promoting seminars across Australia—and look who’s funding the campaign…

According to a well-known Christian training institution in Australia, when it comes to science and faith, there’s no choice to be made, and they’d like everyone to know that. Secular newspapers helpfully gave free publicity to Tabor’s nation-wide upcoming public seminars:

“This month Tabor Adelaide, a multidenominational Christian education centre, will host a series of free seminars around the country on God and science. The workshops aim to ‘dispel the myth’ that people have to make a choice between science and faith.”1

On the face of it, that is almost something that we at Creation Ministries International would say is our own charter, assuming that by ‘science’ Tabor means what we refer to as operational or experimental science, and that ‘faith’ refers to faith in the God of the Bible.

Alas, further reading of the newspaper articles promoting Tabor’s free public seminar series indicates that their usage of the term ‘science’ includes the claimed evolutionary ‘history’ which secularists parade as science. That is clear from the views of one of the seminar presenters, Rev. Dr Graham Buxton, Inaugural Director of Tabor’s new GCRI (Graham Clark Research Institute2 —ostensibly set up to be of “Christian service to the community” particularly regarding the “public debate” re “science and faith”):

“Dr Buxton said that he believed God used a Big Bang and evolution to create the world. ‘There is no reason why someone can’t have a theistic view of evolution,’ Dr Buxton said. ‘I don’t have any problems with seeing a God who was involved and actually set in the conditions of the Big Bang everything that was necessary for the unfolding of the universe through the evolutionary process.’”3….

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