Everybody except liberals knows they are intolerant of conservatives, but now a new survey won’t let them deny they have a real bias problem.

Conservatives in academia have long been aware that for their own protection they need to keep their views quiet.  Liberals, however, walk around thinking of themselves as the most tolerant people in the world.  An anonymous online survey of 800 social psychologists, about to be published by Yoel Inbar and Joris Lammers this month in Perspectives on Psychological Science (a journal of the Association for Psychological Science), caught social psychologists with their tolerant pants down, Science Daily just reported.  Here are some of the most revealing excerpts:

Every ten years or so, someone will make the observation that there is alack of political diversity among psychological scientists and a discussion about what ought to be done ensues.  The notion that the field discriminates against and is skewed toward a liberal political perspective is worthy of concern; scholars, both within and outside the field, have offered various solutions to this diversity problem.

Their findings confirm the field’s liberal bias, but they reveal some surprises as well.… Inbar and Lammers found an overwhelming liberal majority when it concerned social issues, but greater diversity on economic and foreign policy issues.

It seems that conservative social psychologists hide their views because they perceive the field as hostile to their values. The more conservative respondents were, the more likely they were to report that they had experienced an intellectually unfriendly climate. Importantly, self-defined liberals did not seem to have the same perceptions of hostility….

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