Long before Creation Revolution went online, I have read and listened to one evolutionist after another using strawmen to prove that evolution is a fact.  This response from Jack P. is no different as he has consistently erected one strawman after another in his vain attempts to prove evolution is a fact.  In reality, Jack is a blind man erecting a strawman and the only thing he is proving is that he is ignoring the foundations upon which the strawmen are being built.  So, one more time, I will address Jack’s response and try to see if he will ever admit the truth behind his statements.

Darwin’s Quisling (Charles Kingsley)

From: Jack P. (in response to a comment posted by another visitor)

I don’t have to give you a chemical formula. What I give you is the results of EEG’s and cranial devices (worn and imbedded)used to control mechanical devices. These are physical, measurable phenomenon. Show me a single instance where “prayer” or “faith” have ever passed a single, repeatable objective test. And “The ‘evolution is a law’ canard has been dismissed by a multitude of evolutionists” is a blatantly false statement. Name 3 out of the multitude of these “evolutionists” who dismiss the “Law of Evolution”.


Jack, you have been a prolific commenter on our site and as such you have been repeatedly asked for real proof of evolution, yet all you do is erect one strawman after another that proves nothing about evolution.

This response is no exception.  I agree that things like EEG’s and cranial devices are physical and measureable phenomenon, but they don’t prove evolution in way.  All they prove is that science works.  Evolution had nothing to do with it.

Science allows us to do and built many things, like computers, pacemakers, rockets, telescopes, MRI, cell phones, insulin pumps and brain wave monitors.  None of these things rest on evolution.  In fact, a number of them were developed by Bible believing creationists, but that doesn’t prove creation either.

I will tell you right know up front that neither evolution or creation can be scientifically proven.  They both fall into the realm of a belief system aka a religion.  They cannot be observed nor can they be repeated.

And before you start off on things like speciation and mutations are proof of evolution, I suggest you search our website for the numerous articles we have posted that refute that claim.  Speciation and mutation are proof of change, but change does not equate to molecules-to-man evolution.

Interestingly, did you realize that biological evolution defies the basic laws of biology and laws of information accepted by most evolutionary biologists?  Likewise, stellar evolution defies the laws of physics and Boyle’s law of gases.

You see, Jack, we all have the same science.  The only difference is how we interpret the facts of science that we see.  I’ve said this so many times that I wonder why people can’t admit it’s true.

I grew up in Arizona.  To me, Arizona is one of the greatest places to live.  I have had the privilege of hiking into and out of the Grand Canyon three times.  When I look at the Grand Canyon and the thousands of feet of sedimentary rock layers, I see a testimony to the Genesis Flood that covered the entire earth.  An evolutionary geologist sees millions of years of slow and gradual deposition.  We have the same scientific facts, but have different conclusion because we start with different foundations.

In graduate school there were two classes that really made an impact on me.  One was molecular cell biology, and the other was human anatomy and physiology.  In the cell biology class, I was amazed at the amount of fine detail down to the molecular level which to me clearly demonstrated the impossibility of it all having evolved.  As a matter of fact, the textbook we used, by Albert and company, presented the evolutionary scenario in the first chapter and then the rest of the text basically refuted the probability of evolution having taken place as presented in the first chapter.

In the anatomy class, we had the opportunity to work on human cadavers.  Exploring the internal complexity and workings of the human body again displayed the impossibility of evolution and the likelihood of it all being designed by an omniscient God.

I also realize that those who adamantly believe in evolution would look at the same molecular structures in the cell or the same intricate anatomy of the human body and see millions of years of upward mutational evolution.  Again, neither view is proven.  We have the same facts, just different conclusions.

At least most creationists are honest enough to admit that they cannot prove biblical creation.  However, very few evolutionists will admit the truth that they cannot prove molecules-to-man evolution.  They have facts that they interpret accordingly, but the interpretation is not fact, just an interpretation of the facts.  This is where most evolutionists become blind men, not seeing or admitting that evolution is a religious belief system and that it cannot be observed or repeated.  Instead, they blindly erect one strawman after another.

Jack, for once I would like to see an evolutionist like yourself admit that the argument between us is not science versus religion, but religion versus religion.  Until you are willing to admit this truth, I’m afraid you will continue in your blind faith to keep throwing strawmen our way.

And as for listing three scientists that have dismissed the law of evolution, just check out some of our Saturday articles on Creation scientists which includes former evolutionary geneticist Dr. Jim Allen.  I can also add Dr. Gary Parker who was an adamant evolutionist, as was the late Dr. Richard Lumsden, a molecular cell biology instructor.  The list is much larger than you would realize or like to admit.

I used this verse in a recent article but can’t help but repeat it here as I feel it speaks volumes to the blind men building strawmen as proof of evolution.  Listen to the words of Jesus as He quoted the prophet Isaiah in Matthew 13:13-15:

This is why I speak to them in parables, because seeing they do not see, and hearing they do not hear, nor do they understand. Indeed, in their case the prophecy of Isaiah is fulfilled that says: “You will indeed hear but never understand, and you will indeed see but never perceive.  For this people’s heart has grown dull, and with their ears they can barely hear, and their eyes they have closed.”

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