This week’s feedback features an email exchange between Brandon M. from Canada and CMI’s Dr Don Batten, where Dr Batten shows how we haven’t stereotyped atheists in our article on atheism. Dr Batten’s comments are interspersed in black:

Firstly, as an atheist, I would like to state that I am at least partly offended by the stereotypes used in this article,

Yet under an atheistic belief system, your sense of being offended is an illusion of brain chemistry that evolved because it conferred some survival advantages.

for example, simply saying “Atheists differ on the issue of ethics and morality…”, “Atheists often argue that…”, etc. Even if the majority of atheists believe such, there ARE those out there that have different beliefs than this.

I think the parts you quote indicate that the author is well aware of differing views, but with any subject it is necessary to generalize to discuss the matter. If you wrote, Most Christians oppose abortion on demand, should someone who supports such abortion and claims to be a Christian get upset over the accurate generalization? Hardly.

Secondly, I am appalled at “Tim H., Netherlands” and “Smarter Than You, Greece” (no offence, but I highly doubt someone would be stupid enough to really state their name as something like that). I am VERY offended by comments like this from either side, as it is simply an insult, and completely unnecessary.

We agree! Reminds me of the atheists like Dawkins calling themselves “Brights”.

Anyways, dealing with the article, I must point out that even if the ‘variations of atheism’ are the only ones in a dictionary, there are others, like me. Personally, I am an atheist who believes there is no God because of personal decisions, though I have an open mind (hopefully). I can accept the fact that I *believe* there is no God, and that I could be completely wrong. I also have absolutely NO problem with others believing in ANY God whatsoever….

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