By Paul Taylor

Hyperbole from news media on the subject of evolution is nothing new. So, when reports started appearing in the secular media that South Korea was removing the teaching of evolution from schools, most creationists would have smelled a rat.

Fortunately, our friends at Answers in Genesis had their ear to the ground on this issue, having some links in South Korea. It turns out that the news reports are incorrect. Evolution is not being removed from South Korea’s school curriculum or from its textbooks. References to just two “evidences” for evolution are being removed: a) whale evolution and b) horse evolution.

Whale evolution is something that I have talked about for many years, because of its iconic status and lack of logic and common sense. A future article about whale evolution may be in order.

The linear model of horse evolution is what is being removed from the South Korean curriculum. This traditional evolutionary model, showing a small “eohippus” at one end, and a modern horse at the other, was described by the evolutionary paleontologist Niles Eldridge as “lamentable” and “a classical case of paleontologic museology.” Serious evolutionists have admitted for years that the traditional linear model for horse evolution is wrong, so all the South Korean authorities are doing is removing known errors….


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