Give just one side of a controversy the press, and you will get a one-sided presentation of the issues.  That happened this week in the journal Nature.

A piece by Soo Bin Park published in Nature on June 5 has all the elements of John Draper and Charles White’s “warfare between science and religion” hypothesis.  (Even Wikiepedia states this portrayal is not supported today by historians and philosophers of science.)  War rhetoric peppers Park’s presentation like machine gun fire: “South Korea surrenders to creationist demands,” the headline reads.  According to Park, creationists use tactics, have a campaign, are making headway, and “seem to be winning its battle with mainstream science.”

Actually, South Korea’s Society for Textbook Revise (STR) seems more interested in cleaning out old errors from textbooks: the horse evolution series, portrayal of Archaeopteryx as a transitional form, and Darwin’s finch beaks.  Park is alarmed that South Korea’s growing number of “creationists” (a term he uses to encompass anything from Darwin critics to Biblical creationists) have an ulterior motive, to undermine evolution itself.

As expected, Darwin critics were portrayed as religiously motivated, but evolutionists not.  Park presents evolutionists as defenders who need to rise up and fight: “Silence is not the answer, says Dayk Jang. He is now organizing a group of experts, including evolutionary scientists and theologians who believe in evolution, to counter the STR’s campaign by working to improve the teaching of evolution in the classroom, and in broader public life.”….

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