Soil formation is often invoked as a death blow to the historical reliability of Genesis because some soils are presumed to take tens of thousands, or even several million, years to form. This week’s feedback features an email exchange between Robin B. of New Zealand and CMI’s Dr Tas Walker, where Dr Walker discusses how to look at the soils from a biblical perspective and why the ages attributed to their formation should not be accepted.

Robin B. writes:

I work in the field of soil science as an agronomist in the North Island of New Zealand, which has a lot of volcanic based soils such as the pumice based soils from the world’s biggest eruption in 2000 years which formed Lake Taupo around 130 AD, and formed a new layer of topsoil over many hundreds of square miles. If you believe the earth to be around 6,000 years old, I invite you to visit a road cutting on Ashpit Road on the shore of Lake Rerewhakaetu if you ever get to NZ, where you can see many layers of top soils and volcanic horizons that have formed over the last 25,000 years. Also some of the volcanic soils are highly weathered, compared to recent volcanic soils of the Taupo eruption. A belief in a young earth may be convenient to our faith, but in the field of science I work in, the evidence is lacking….

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