CMI’s Dr Tas Walker and Dr Don Batten answer questions about whether soft-bodied fossils are viable in the global Flood, and how plants survived the Flood.

Ashley H.-R., a vociferous critic from the United Kingdom, writes:

An example of creationism (young Earth creationism) in action for … others to

The fossils that were found suggest the creatures were very similar to octopus species that are alive today. The article in effect exclaims ‘gosh, how on earth could this event happen?’. But it clearly did—they are not alleging that the fossils are ‘evolutionist’ fakes. The writer tries to sow doubts and then imply that the puzzle can only be solved if you assume the fossils are less than 6,000 years’ old.

The mainstream science explanation is that these individuals were—unusually—in (temporarily?) anoxic conditions and sank to the bottom uneaten and became buried (NB this burial process did not-as the Creation Ministries International email mentioned below misleadingly suggests-take place “over millions of years”, even if the fossils themselves are millions of years old). Note that when the article states “But lack of oxygen is no preservative” experiments with fish carcasses show that even in the absence of oxygen they still disintegrate on the ocean bottom” the footnote provided is from a creationist source. The following sentence states “Other scientists have published research showing that the ocean floor is actually teeming with bacterial life”-this links to a article….

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