Evolutionists deny the existence of an all-powerful supreme being that could have created everything.  Instead, they place their belief in natural random processes to come together to create some kind of order resulting in the marvelous world and universe around us.

Yet, I consistently find them giving plants and animals an intelligence that allows them to choose new evolutionary features that they never had before.  Some time ago I wrote Plants That Think? about how evolutionists imply that some plants make evolutionary decisions to ensure their survival.  Today, I’m writing with another example of how evolutionists give another plant the credit for choosing its own evolutionary design.

Scientists from Israel and Utah worked together to study the relationship of the spiny mouse and a plant known as taily weed or sweet mignonette and a theory they call directed deterrence.  Directed deterrence is the belief that in this case, the plant develops a strategy to get the species of rodent to feed on its seeds and then spit them out while at the same time deterring all other types of rodents from actually eating and destroying the seeds,

In the case of the taily weed, its seeds come equipped with what the scientists describe as a toxic mustard oil bomb.  As Denise Dearing, professor of biology at the University of Utah explains:

It’s fascinating that these little mice are doing analytical chemistry, assaying the fruit for toxic compounds. 

It adds a new dimension to our understanding of the ongoing battle between plants and animals.  In this case, the plants have twisted the animals to do their bidding, to spread their progeny.

Note how Dearing worded her statement in a such way as to make the plants out to have the capacity to think, reason and even have a ‘bidding.’  Like so many other evolutionists, they unknowingly give plants the intelligence to guide their actions and evolution while denying that there is any intelligence guiding it from above.

I always hear from evolutionists that say my interpretation of what they say is wrong and I challenge them with to prove otherwise.  I ask them how does the plant know to evolve the things toxins or thorns to protect themselves when they didn’t have the traits to begin with?  For a better example, please see Plants That Think?

So which sounds more plausible to you – a plant being able to think and guide its own evolution or the idea there was an intelligence that designed the plant and mouse to be the way they are from the beginning?  Don’t know about you, but since I’ve never met a thinking plant nor have I ever seen evidence of one, I’ll place may belief in our Creator God who made plants after their kind and animals after their kind and designed into them all of the wondrous features that we observe.


Plant Poison Turns Seed-Eating Mouse Into Seed Spitter, Science Daily, June 14, 2012.

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