This week’s feedback deals with two topics, Dr John Hartnett answers Frank T. from Canada about whether we need to know how close Earth was to the centre of the universe in the beginning, and Dr Jonathan Sarfati answers Thomas D. from Germany on how many receptors the human eye has.

Frank T. from Canada writes, with Dr John Hartnett’s response interspersed throughout:

Dear Sir:

I was re-reading your booklet titled, “How can we see distant stars in the universe?” by the two of you.

You speak of the earth being near the centre of the universe on page 17 and the article shown here refers to the earth as being near the centre as well: [Astronomy And The Bible]

I have a question. Has anyone used the known speeds and rotations and paths being travelled, of the earth, sun and milky way galaxy, to calculate backwards for a 6000 year period to try to come up with where the earth could have been located at the time of creation in relation to our present time and position? This work could then give us the centre of the universe….

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