Many Christians who disagree with biblical creation have many good things to say, but the Scriptures must always be our ultimate guide by which we measure teaching. Paul S. from Canada writes:

Thank you so much for your ministry! I have a question, and I feel a little embarrassed because this is my second question I am asking your ministry in one week. I sincerely hope I am not abusing the privilege. My question is…….Although I am a biblical creationist, and believe the earth is young; is it improper to watch videos or read materials by ministries who believe the universe and the earth is billions of years old. I am confused on this point, since I am aware of ministries that are compromised in this way, who, non-the-less have very good insights into the resurrection of Jesus, or, to use another example, provide great evidences for the reliability of the New Testament. Darn it, I didn’t search your website before asking this question! So in conclusion, although Christians who hold to an old universe belief are compromised on Genesis history, should their ministries be avoided totally? Also, I find it frustrating, that most often there is no way to know for sure what position many ministries hold regarding Genesis history, since these same ministries are ambiguous on the topic. God bless. Paul S.

CMI’s Calvin Smith responds:

Hi Paul, thanks for writing in. Your questions are ones that I’m sure many Christians struggle with, which basically arrive at two points:

  1. “How can a Christian know whether to trust the Bible teaching of an individual or ministry?” (even when trying to decide what church to attend when moving to a new area for example).
  2. “Should you trust the teachings of an individual or ministry that does not hold to the biblical creationist position?”….

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